Man, it feels like I haven’t done one of these for ages!! But with the end of the first bunch of spring shows and the start of summer ones, it seems a good time to look back at what was good previously and what I’m looking forward to. Standard format, “awards” from the previous series first and then a list of what I will be watching this season

Best Show: Kamen no Maid Guy/Macross F

For the first time, we have a TIE! Normally, I would wait until the whole show is over before putting it in awards section, but Macross F was just that damn good!

As for maid guy, I haven’t seen a proper LOL comedy for quite some time. Normally, comedy shows would get a smile or muffled laughter but maid guy managed to get me laughing heartily almost every ep! “MAID GUY VOICE!”

Runners up: Allison&Lillia/Daughter of 20 Faces/Kyouran Kazoku nikki

Worst ending: Kurenai

Shame really, because the rest of the show was quite enjoyable. The ending let the rest of the show down simply because it didn’t really change anything. Does anyone who watched the show really think that Murasaki is going to accomplish what she wants to do? I didn’t think so…

Biggest Disappointment: ToLOVEru

Despite getting some pretty heavy recommendations from the likes of Danny Choo, I find myself disappointed with ToLOVEru. The character designs are pretty much the only thing which stands out in the show for me (Love Yami-chan), everything else just feels plain.

It may have fared better in another season but not this one. If you wanted the full ecchi comedy, Maid guy did it much better, For just comedy, I would say Kyouran Kazoku Nikki or special A and for just ecchi, Kanokon, hands down!!

There just wasn’t anywhere for ToLOVEru to stand out but maybe things will change in the summer season, since the other shows mentioned are only 13 eps long while toLOVEru is 26.

Biggest surprise: Kanokon

Just how far can they push the boundaries of fanservice?

And just remember! Kawasumi Ayako also voiced…

The rest:

  • The Power of Ho-chan got me through the self inflicted torture that was Vampire Knight. I’ll be damned if i sit through the second season though!!
  • Kyouka was pretty much the only sour point in my Kyouran Kanoku Nikki viewing, even if she did play a major part in every episode. The other characters were so much better
  • I have no idea what posessed me to watch Crystal Blaze.
  • Toshokan Sensou was great, and had the best OP and ED of the season!!!
  • The Daughter of 20 faces also had a good ED, but once again, the song carried the singer (Aya Hirano) instead of the other way around
  • I enjoyed Kurenai and Allison & Lillia way more than I was expecting.
  • I’m not sure if there are any Rolo fans anymore after ep 13 of code Geass R2.
  • If Murasaki (Kurenai) doesn’t get to at least the quarter or semi-final of Saimoe 2008, there is no god!!!!

That’s it for the last season. For those interested, the shows I am watching which will continue into summer are:

  • ToLoveRu
  • Macross F
  • Code Geass R2
  • Allison & Lillia
  • Nabiri No Ou
  • Special A

And now for the new season:

Must watch:


I’ve been hyped about this anime since it was announced since I really enjoy the manga. The first 2 eps have been aired by now and it looks to be following the manga quite faithfully. However, I do have one major gripe about it so far and that is the choice of VA for a lot of the characters. Musubi and Tsukiumi in particular, don’t sound anything like I expected them to. Also, when you compare the Anime VA to the ones in the drama CD, you will see that the Drama CD, not only had better VAs, but better suited ones too! Rie Tanaka makes a much better Tsundere than Marina Inoue!

Regardless, I will still watch the show, even if it does crash and burn because there’s an animated Tsukiumi!!!!

Interesting, but meh

Slayers Revolution

I must admit that my slayers knowledge is somewhat limited, having only seen a few of the movies and my favourite character, Naga, won’t be making an appearence but I still want to check it out, given that it’s one of the major shows this season and it marks a return to VA from Megumi Hayashibara!

Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses no Ronde

And here’s anothe biggie for this season. The 3rd season of Zero No Tsukaima!

I know that quite a few people (and fansubbers, it looks like) are close to writing this one off after the trainwreck that was the second season but I think I’ll be sticking with it for a bit.

By the looks of things, they are trying to get back to the main novel storyline after deviating quite a bit from it before, with the main focus of this story being how Saito loses his Gandalfr rune, which effectively makes him no longer Louises Familiar.

Also, since Tiffania Woodward (or, as saito called her “the big breasted fairy who saved my life”) is part of the main cast, then there is hope that the season will also touch on the 5 void users!

For those uninitiated, there are 5 void users, of which Louise and Tiffania are 2, although not all of them have been introduced, even in the books so far. And with 5 Void users, there are 5 Gandalfr types sent to protect them. Saito is obviously one and another known one is Sheffield, the woman who controlled the Albion army at the end of season 2 and holds the title of Mioznitnirn, or Brain of god (Gandalfr is translated to Hand of god).It is unknown who her master is.

In any case, I’ll be watching this in the hopes that they manage to repair the damage done by the 2nd season.

Koihime Muso

Take one “romance of the 3 Kingdoms” story and make all the characters female. Sounds good to me!!

Bridy the mighty Decode

Watched the first ep and was sufficiently impressed to keep up with this show, even though the production quality was really bad on the first ep! That can’t bode well for the quality for the rest of the series…

World Destruction

Apparently, this show is based off an upcoming Sega game. Sounds like a standard RPG fare but for some reason, it interests me enough to watch it.

Why am I watching this?

Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

I think the better question is “How the hell can such a crappy manga spawn not 2 but 3 sequels, when there are other manga which does the same job but better? *cough* Tenjoutenge *Cough*

Also, why did they decide to demote Kanu Unchuu (the second hottest character) to a mere closet lesbian who is used for the butt of so many sexual innuendo jokes?

Answers to such questions are beyond my mortal understanding but I do know why I’m watching this, at least for now. They brought back Ryofu Hosen!!! The absurdly hot bisexual asskicker who died in the first season!!!

I don’t care how or why, but welcome back Ryofu!!

Strike witches

Another gonzo experiment, along the same lines as Druaga and Blassrietter, but this time, they decided to place a time limit on the streaming of the episodes. My viewing of the show is more to support the distribution method more than anything. Besides,

Sky Girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Strike witches!