Yup, I was one of those sad ppl who queued up for several hours to get an Iphone 3G. But at least i didn’t go overnight!

In any case my patience was rewarded with a shiny new phone!!

I queued up for a good few hours and was one of the first in the queue but it started growing shortly afterwards. When I had a look after I left the O2 shop, The only thing which was evident was that there were going to be quite a few sad faces…

Looks like there was a really bad shortage in the UK, the shop I went to is in central london and I think I only saw a dozen iphones when they took them from the back. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it was all they had, but it doesn’t make sense to keep them in the back when everyone who is coming into the shop is after one.

What about everyone else? Did anyone try to get an iphone in their region? Were you successful?

I know a couple of ppl who tried their luck on the online ordering system on Monday but I decided to try my luck in a store since 1) I knew the site would probably crash due to load and 2) Even if you got an order through, there was no guarantee that you would get it on launch day.

Looks like my gamble paid off. I hope it worked out well for the other people who wanted to buy an iphone today!

(Update: oh boy, 12 hours in and things are not running smoothly at all! Those in the UK are probably all aware but the O2 registering site crashed this morning so a lot of new and upgraded account details had to be done on paper and inputted into the system later. Well, they’re only now just clearing up the backlog and it’ll still take up to 24 hrs for the SIM to register. Add to that, the problem I’m having with syncing my iphone with itunes and we have a pretty nerfed iphone, at least for now. Email, internet and the like work but no ipod and no phone… I should have expected this…)