Well, I’ve had it since release and It’s actually fully functional now!!! Hurrah!!! I wasn’t completely sold on the device at first. I got it due to a number of other factors such as my previous contract expiring and my handset was pretty much dying so they all contributed to my purchase of the iphone. So after several days of usage, how do I feel about it?


  • The interface. The touch screen really is wonderful
  • full web browsing. Those mobile only pages really look shoddy now.
  • the BBC Iplayer works on it!!!! top gear and Dr Who streaming on your iphone!!!
  • Touch querty keyboard. I was amazed at how quickly I got used to it!
  • The apps! Remote is very, very cool!! controlling my itunes from anywhere within my wifi network is fun!
  • The way text messages are organised makes it very easy to read and pick up.

Non plussed

  • The design. It’s not bad, but being a 1st gen Nano owner, I much prefer the aluminium back over the shiny plastic. Metal beats plastic, hands down
  • The map wasn’t good at working out my current location. It has failed more times than succeeded.
  • I can technically write posts on my blog using my iphone but the interface is really basic and can only do text.
  • This iphone didn’t come with a dock in the box like the 1st gen did.
  • Camera is functional, but that’s about it…


  • The iphone doesn’t automatically decide what the best connection type for the situation is. When you aren’t doing anything, there’s no point in it wasting battery power by connecting itself to a wifi network. The connection should be decided by the app instead of being always on or always off. wifi & 3G for active browsing, store usage and online apps. EDGE for emails, IMing and stuff like weather.
  • No cut & Paste
  • The ipod touch interface means that I can’t do the old trick with the clickwheel where I could skip tracks without looking at my ipod because the case allowed me to feel where the clickwheel was. Since this is a touch interface without any buttons, I have to get the iphone out and activate the screen just to skip a song or increase the volume.
  • The ipod will not remember my currently playing track after leaving my iphone idle for a period of time so the playlist constantly resets!!
  • The setup process.  Not really a problem with the iphone itself, but I hated the fact that it took me most of a day to sync my iphone to itunes due to the load on the apple servers at the time and I really hated the fact that my new telephone number from O2 wasn’t activated until Sunday (and I was one of the lucky ones!). New users shouldn’t have to worry about that now but for 1st day buyers, it was hell.


Despite the hangups I have with the phone, I still love it to bits. Truth be told, it’s my first smartphone but now I see why some people were moving away from the basic handsets. Not sure if I would recommend it however. It’s definitely at a good price now compared to when it was first released but it’s still a bit touch and go depending on the person.

In any case, I’m happy with my purchase. I felt a small but important part of me died when I queued up last friday to get one of these like a sad geeky fanboy and, although I still wonder if it was worth it from time to time, I think i would have done the same thing regardless.