FINALLY!!! I have received my replacement hardware and I’ve got my PC back to around 90% of what it was. Still need to install a load of apps but I’m nearly there!!

Regular blogging should resume next week, so here’s the galaxy Fairy, Sheryl to keep your interests until then!

And while we’re on the subject, Sheryl>>>>>>>>>>Ranka!!!

And the new Macross Frontier OP is HORRIBLE!!! Ranka has exactly 1 decent song and that was her “what bout my star” duet with Sheryl! I’m reluctant to inculde “Ninji-n loves ya” and “Ni-hao Nyan” cos they were’t full songs, but they rock for completely different reasons. The new ED also gives me some major James Bond theme vibes (and by extension, MGS3. I’m Still in a Dream, SNAAAAAAKE EEEEEATER!!!!)

And off topic, WTF happened to Code Geass? I’ve heard of jumping the shark, but this takes the cake! I’ve considered dropping it more than once now…