Well, the summer wonderfestival has come and gone and I’m having a hard time summing up how I feel about the various figures and kits I have seen on various blogs.

But I guess the closest would be “What a letdown!”

PVC figures aside, the show of resin kits was really poor this year, with a lot of them being second showings from previous events like WFH Final. There were a few originals out there but nothing headline worthy and mostly forgettable. Previous events were when we were shown Bubba Haruhi, Cerberus project Ignis and a massive Code Geass overload but this year, there is nothing.

And I was really hoping for some gundam 00 kits of the ladies (unlikely since they are owned by bandai and Code Geass was the only show they gave limited licenses for to sell figures at events like these) and some Sheryl Nome, Fubuki (from Kamen no Maid Guy) and Golden Darkness (to-Love-ru) kits too.

PVC collectors were well catered for with many Event only figures, a good sneak peek at future releases and some announcements on new Figmas and the like.

Perhaps this is a sign of the times. with PVC kits getting closer to their resin counterparts, maybe the creators are not willing to take the time to really wow us with figures anymore and would rather work directly for the big companies to mass produce their wares. That would pretty much be the end of the resin Kit scene if that ever happened and I guess that will be when I hang up my blogging for good.

For now, maybe I’ll see if I can snag a liquidstone Nanoha and/or the 83℃ Resin Kit to compliment my 2 Fate figures, or I could just miss the whole thing all together…

Hopefully, I’m just going paranoid but I can’t help but worry about the state of the resin kit community after such a poor showing from what is usually their biggest event!

In terms of what caught my eye, even if just for a bit…

Vispo, as expected, showed off his Race Queen Rei which I won’t be getting due to the (as usual) Massively prohibitive costs and (once again) the face not looking right, Just like his Yoko.

As for the rest…

Busujima Saeko from Highschool of the Dead

Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana

Mizusawa Mao from KimiKiss

Belldandy in Racing Gear

The rest were just kinda fun

Pinky:st Nanohas

Pinky:st Sabers

I swear, this level of cute should be illegal!!!

HoiHoi-San does KOS MOS!!!

And to round off, here  are some of the really bad figures I saw lurking on the net. I really hope that these are resin only, because if a Manufacturer sold these as PVCS, it wouldn’t matter how low the price they set it as will be, nobody will want these duds! They aren’t MOK KOS or Sader Level, but still…

A cosplay of a different character doing Fate? Cos that definitely isn’t the Feito-chan everyone knows!

Nanoha, Beaten with the ugly stick a few times…

Still the face. But at least the proportions are OK.

For those of you who want to see more, I recommend




And good old Dannychoo