Just a minor update this week to show that I haven’t forgotten about the other model kit I was working with (sort of) along side Ignis.

The main body is now complete with the major detailings done as well. The skirt which goes over the hips have also been done but have not been attached as that would make sticking the legs on rather difficult.

The reason I haven’t attached the legs to the body yet is because I’m not 100% certain what angle the body needs to be at for the correct posture. The central midsection is actually curved so it’s not as simple as straight up! I’ll have a better idea when the head and at least 1 arm is completed.

Unfortunately, the last body part used up the last of my custom gold mix, so now I have to try and make more (and hope that it isn’t too dissimilar to what I have used up until now). I still have the recipe so it should be ok. The main issue will be the cleanup and priming of the next batch of parts. It took several layers of primer for these parts simply because it would not stick. I blame the resin quality.

I’m also in the planning stages for another project. You probably won’t hear from it for a while because I want to save the best part for last, but it will be the first thing I need to do. If I pull it off though, it’s going to be great!!

On another note, I managed to catch Hellboy 2 tonight. Damn good film. Not a major blockbuster nor film of the summer but very enjoyable and recommended. Iron Man still rules as best movie this summer. And yes, I have seen wall-e and the dark Knight.

And on a final note, Macross Frontier 20: DAMMIT!!!! I knew it was coming but it still hurts… Poor Klein Klan.

This cute face is now going to cry… a LOT!!!!