Bit of a late shout out but today has been rather busy for myself.

In case you are unaware, Danny Choo has announced a little project he has been working on with Goodsmile company (you know, the guys who make the Shuraki series, Nendoroids and a whole bunch of other stuff) and it’s a company website showing off their products in ENGLISH (japanese site to follow).

The site is powered by Dannys Mirai platform (hence why he’s been working closely with them) but what is exciting for figure fans is that a company like Goodsmile is trying to raise it’s profile with fans and consumers outside of japan!

In the future, they may try and make it easier for people outside japan to get their products directly (not that it’s particularly hard at the moment tho). Or they could be like Volks who have an english site but state that they will not ship internationally when you try to place an order…

Hopefully, that will not be the case but many eyes from the west will be watching the evolution of this site with great interest.

You can go here to check out the original announcement over at or go have a look at the site over at