OK, so HLJ always has a mini sale on so they can get rid of old stock but it may actually be worth having a gander cos there are some pretty SWEET deals going on right now!!

Admiral Haruhi Demands that you go forth and destroy!!! (your wallets)

Personally, I be eyeing the PG strike Rouge & Genesic GaoGaiGar but there were a fair few MG kits I would have been willing to buy if I didn’t have them already…

For figures, I guess I found the following rather interesting but I still wouldn’t buy them (Snobby resin kit builder present!). Overall though, this is really a sale for mecha fans!

Al Asif & another blood (Warning Loli!!)
Shigure & Miu from historys strongest disciple Kenichi
Francesca Lucchini (you know? The Strike witch with the most popular pantsu, apparently)
Morrigan & Lillith
Erstin Ho

The last 2 are actually resin kits so I *might* spend on those… Note that not all items on sale are shown on the page. The GaoGaiGar isn’t at the very least so it may be worth browsing the whole site and seeing what you find!

Well? What are you waiting for??? go here and peruse!