Bit of a rant I’m afraid.

As many of the regulars are aware, I have an iphone 3G and I both love and hate the device. Love it because of it’s ease of use, great design and good apps… when they work!!!

The iPhone is rather notorious when it comes to the stablility of it’s apps, esp 3rd party ones from the appstore but my biggest beef was with the safari browser, which managed to crash itself at random intervals and even when I’m not doing anything other than reading text on a fully loaded page, not even scrolling!!!

Sufficed to say, I lost count of how many times my device crashed and the 3G reception was kinda crap unless I was standing outside in the middle of the street. When a mac user starts preaching to me about the stabilty of macs and apple software, I just say one thing: iPhone.

Firmware ver 2.1 was supposed to fix a lot of problems so I updated. The good news is that it did something with the apps! They don”t crash anywhere near as often anymore but they can still crash an rather annoying moments.

Unfortunately, for me, the cost of more stable apps was a massive drop in phone reception… ALL phone reception!!!

My flat used to hover somewhere between a few bars of 3G reception to full edge reception. Now, I’m lucky to get any phone reception at all in some places!!! and the device seems to have gotten worse at generally detecting reception as it can take a very long time.

Way to go apple!! You fixed somethings by breaking others!!! I can’t be the only one who’s had issues with worse reception or other problems since firmware 2.1, can I?

(image is from gizmodo)