Thought I would take this opportunity to get some of my backlog out of the way while I try and finish off this little thing I’m doing for my next painting project (a part of me wishes that I never started, but I can’t back down now…). There’s still me E2046 Asuka on bike and 2 Figmas in the backlog so I don’t have to worry about content for a while.
So in light of that, I thought I would show off the last remaining 2 members of my Shuraki set. This post will be for Mei Feng. Rize will follow in a later post but first, GROUP SHOT!!!

I tried a few different things with my photo setup this time. What do the readers think? Do you like how it turned out? Or do you prefer the slightly warmer feel of previous setup, which can be seen on my previous posts?
Some pics came out a bit blurred but I think that’s a prob with my camera. It’s kinda old now and has had a fair share of knocks, so it may be time to invest in a new one…

And surely, the Shuraki name must have one of the most incorrect names for the series. It’s not on the same level as 12 iterations of game with the word final in it (yes, I am aware of the story that the first game was the make or break title for squaresoft, hence the title) or Infinite undiscovery being one of the shortest RPGs I have ever played with very little to discover, but why call this series Shuraki Trinity? where’s the trinity part exactly?

In any case, Mei Feng here, was the 2nd figure in the series. I missed the initial batch so I had to get her when she was released as a 2nd batch. Even so, it was back in march when she arrived…

She’s a bit of an interesting one as she has by far the most dynamic pose of all the shuraki figures. She also shows that the cast off feature incorperated in the series was very much a learning process for goodsmile, but I’ll explain that later.

When I first saw Mei Feng, I honestly thought that her VA for the Drama CD should have been Tamura Yukari, possibly because of my love for Ranpha Framboise of Galaxy angel, her first VA role…
But We Get Iizuka Mayumi instead with Yukari taking the role of Char Rhoussman.

I don’t really mind since I still get my Yukari fix but the design of Liu Meifeng really REALLY reminds me of ranpha (my fave angel) even if their characters are completely different.

For the scupt itself, like the others in the series, the quality is high. The dynamic pose almost matches those I’ve seen on resin kits and the face shows a very soft yet determined character as it was intended. The hair is also incredibly well sculpted, being only beaten by Char. (hey, it’s better than helicopter hair for Mishiro).


Like Char, the only real complaint about the build were some visible seam lines, esp on the legs but there weren’t any major faults. Paint job was very crisp.

The dynamic pose also means that Mei Feng is also the only member of the Shuraki family which requires a metal rod in her leg to help fix her to the base and prevent leaning, the bane of all figure collectors!!!

Only time will tell how effective it is but none of my figures have the problem yet, except maybe rize.

And, like all Shuraki FIgures, Mei Feng has the cast off feature. Some great strides were made in this feature compared to Mishiro but they didn’t really nail things until, arguably, Nida. Char was a very good one, but was marred by paint constantly rubbing off onto the figure.

The first thing which you notice is that goodsmile reduced the number of parts. Mei Fengs torso detaches just under the bust, the head comes off and that’s it. The connection is also easier to hide so it’s nowhere near as visible as the arm connections in Mishiro. The parts also fit much more tightly.

The Chakram weapons are made of a slightly flexible material so you can just twist it at the handles to allow the weapons to slide in and out of the hands.

And for the pervs out there, Mei Feng is endowed with a modest chest. I’d say that, if  there was a breast size comparison chart out there, she would be 3rd. She’s larger than Mishiro, but smaller than Rize and she doesn’t even come close to Chars weapons of mass distraction! (note: I haven’t got Nida so I can’t compare. Bit i think Nida may be larger than Mei Feng but smaller than Rize)

But if Mei Feng has a major weakness, it would be the cast off process! Her skirt and top are separate parts but due to the was the figure is taken apart, the clothing is molded in one piece so taking the clothes on and off is like sliding on bits of rubber onto another part, an experience I have come to loathe and fear since I built my Perfect grade Eva unit 01!!

The top is incredibly tight so you will probably take a while slowly wiggling the part up the body, both the damaged and regular top have tight fits. The ribbons are also separate and are a real paint to put on as the ends literally slide into holes in the top and are held down by the main body pushing it against the clothing!

The above pic may help explain what I mean about the ribbons. The ends are just slightly thinner extensions and you can probably see that the body fills the inner area so the ends are simply sandwiched between the body and the clothes. Breat for holding it in place, a nightmare when you are trying to put them on.

But the worst part is the skirt…

The above pic shows the battle damages skirt without the top covering the area. The regular skirt also has this problem but it’s not as pronounced.
You can see that it’s held in place by a very thin strip. That strip is stretched rather tightly on the body and when being placed on, it is stretched even futher due to the “hourglass figure” of Mei Feng. Thus, there is a constant worry that the part will eventually snap, making the skirt useless as it can no longer hold it’s position. The main skirt also has the same problem but the worry is less as the parts are thicker than what is shown above.

Another major headache is the chothing on the shoulders and neck. It’s molded in one piece and has no catches so the neck and left arm openings

Unfortunately, that design decision makes it really hard to get the piece on and off as the neck is just long enough to make a simple pull up impossible. You could shorten the neck, but that could have an adverse effect on the head when you put it on. I’ve had to bend the neck slightly in order to put the part on and off!

But despite the rather frustrating cast off feature, I would say that Mei Feng is my second favourite Shuraki figure after Char Rhoussman. It’s a good little figure which any collector would be happy to have in his or her collection.

and to finish off, another groupshot.

What, you thought I DIDN’T take a photo like this?