In a rather pleasant shock, Megaman 9 is now available for European gamers on the PSN!!!!! We also get Wipeout HD!!!!

Looks like Sony managed yet another worldwide simultaneous release (which makes their gaffes like no Soul calibur 4 custom parts that much more pathetic) for the blue bomber and so megaman 9 is now available to purchase as part of the weekly thursday updates.

And just  for the icing, the time difference between countries means that the UK gets it earlier than the US on PSN as the stores get updated at 5pm local time!

The wii version is expected tomorrow as part of their weekly update (No, I don’t know why the US updates on monday and Europe on Fri.  Chalk it down to Nintendos old fashioned, yet still current trend of treating the european market like a toilet) and the 360 should be on Oct 1st as planned.

I don’t know about you guys but I think MM9 is even harder than the previous games. MM2 is so much easier!!!

Not really much to say about wipeout. You should all know the score for that one!