Another season, another batch of shows. The autumn is usually one of the bigger seasons since it comes off the back of several 26 ep shows as well as the standard 13 ep fares so there are quite a few shows compared to the last roundup.

But as always, I’ll do a quick rating of the previous season before going on to the new stuff!

Show of the Season: Macross Frontier

The battle for top show was surprisingly fierce, with several shows showing their stuff, but at the end of it all, Macross Frontier came out the clear winner.
It wasn’t without it’s flaws though! There were problems with the pacing and the ending was rushed but when you compare it with other shows and remember the good stuff, you can’t help but forgive it.

Sometimes the show faltered but it always picked itself up. Add the fact that the “curse of Kawamori” was absent and the fact that the music was awesome (so awesome, I’m buying the OSTs. Haven’t done that since Gundam Seed!). Yoko Kanno did very VERY good work! Personally, I was more of a Sheryl/May’n fan than a Ranka/Nakajima Megumi fan but My fave songs were actually the duets. What bout my star @Formo is still my fave song with Lion and Iteza*Gogo Kyuu Ji Don’t be late coming in close behind. My only major complaint other than the pacing was the lack of resolution in the ending. They defeated the “big bad” but all the other sub plots were left alone. And they even did the criminal act of not resolving the love Triangle!!!!

Here’s hoping the planned movie fixes that! GoGo!! Sheryl!!!

Runners up: Allison & Lilia, Daughter of 20 Faces, Birdy the Mighty:decode (Arita Shion De arimasuuuuu)


Biggest Disappointment: Code Geass: Ledouche of the rebellion R2

Good LORD!!! I haven’t seen a trainwreck this bad since Gundam Seed: DESTINY and, although Geass never reaches the level of shittyness which GSD reached, it also has none of it’s excuses either!

In some ways, GSD can be compared to Alien3. That movie sucked because the producers got too involved and kept making changes which the director couldn’t accomodate so the thing became a mess.
We all pour scorn on the Writer/director duo of GSD but we also know that the producers of the show also deserve a lot of the hate, with their midway change requests as the early eps showed alot of promise.

Contrast to geass, where the blame can be squarely placed on the writers! There is a report that the director was very unhappy with Geass and blamed producer interference, particularly with the insertion of Rolo and the false start seen in the first episode.
Fine, I dig that. So how does he explain the mess of a show after the “Geass God” and Emperor Lelouche Debacle? There was plenty of time to re-establish the show before then but the resulting plot managed to make even the excessive fans turn away in disgust and each ep devolved into a “what massive twist can we add this week?” which diminished their effect. The mess that was the last few episodes were completely the writers doing, not the producers!

Hell, for myself, alarm bells were ringing about the show around the time the Order of Black knights exiled themselves to china, but I perservered. But once we had the “world of C” episode, my interest in the show plummeted like the stock prices in the banking sector over the last month!!!
This is one show I would rather forget. But to their credit, from the cesspool they threw themselves into, the staff did manage to claw out an ending which, while anything but good, was far better than anything I was expecting at that point. But I personally don’t care if Lelouche is alive or not.

In any case, have a moe C.C. to calm the rage, at least a little!

Runners up: Sekirei, Nogizaki Haruka no Himitsu


Biggest surprise: Koihime Musou

Just when I thought Kanokon went to the very limits of fanservice and what could be achieved on a TV show, This show comes along and raises the bar! (not animated unfortunately, but I think you can figure it all out. Sound effects and all)


Best ending: Nogizaki Haruka no Himitsu

To be honest, most of the seasons endings were poor. Even Macross frontier had a rather weak ending. So I thought It would be fair to show the one show which actually managed to pull a decent one off.
Closure? Yep. No loose ends? yup. Warm fuzzy feeling? Not for me but I can see others getting one.

Bit of a surprise since the rest of the show was rather disappointing. Maybe because the premise and the first ep raised the bar so high, the rest of the show couldn’t keep up. That and Noto Mamiko was completely wrong for the part of Haruka!

Runner up: Allison & Lilia


Worst ending: Sekirei

Man, there were so many things wrong with this show, I don’t know where to start. If it wasn’t for the trainwreck that was Geass R2, Sekirei would have been the runaway winner for worst show.

The only thing they did right was the plot, which was incredibly faithful to the original manga. As for the ending, I felt that it ended in the wrong place. There were a couple of insignificant eps. if they managed to condense it a little more, then they could have ended the series with the winging of Homura, which was the events of the next short arc. That then leaves the door open on a possible 2nd season which would open up at the 3rd stage of the Sekirei plan and not leave the whole thing hanging.
Instead, they ended the show after the first major battle with the disclipline squad and the reappearance/disappearance of Sekirei 08: yume. I understand their reasoning, but I still think a little further would have been better.

Besides, that’s a minor gripe compared to the real issues I have with the show, like the killing of Tsukiumi’s character by using a woefully inappropriate VA. Marina Inoue should never do Tsundere!!!

Runner up: Blassrietter


The rest:

  • Kyouran Kazokou Nikki made me laugh lots even when the eps went all serious (and lame) near the end
  • I’m really looking forward to the next season of Birdy the mighty
  • I still don’t know why I watched Ikkitousen: Great Guardians. But shy Ryoufu was awesome!!
  • Whoever cast Mamiko Noto as Nogizaki Haruka should be shot!!
  • Likewise, whoever was responsible for the Voice casting of Sekirei should be killed slowly and painfully! The only characters they got right were Minato, Kuu and, arguably, Matsu. everyone else was just plain wrong! TSUKIUMI!!!! orz
  • Special A remained fun so long as they avoided the serious parts of the story.
  • I told you so! Sky girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>Strike witches. But the witches have the power of the pantsu!!!
  • Zero no Tsukaima Season 4 anyone? *sigh*
  • Bounen no Xam’d Has had a really strong start and will be a contender for show of the season if they only just establish the plot a little more, like providing a distinctive face to the main enemy.
  • World Destruction & To-Love-Ru are ultimately forgettable. But I still love Yami-chan and Yui from To-Love-ru

And now for the new Season. As always, I have 3 categories. Must watch, Interesting but meh and shows I don’t know why I am watching.

Must watch

Gundam 00 Season 2.

Oh come on, don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this! Granted, I’m not hoping for much given the track record for Direct sequel shows from Sunrise (GSD, R2, Otome Zwei come to mind) but I have to finish it. and since this was planned as a 2 season show from the start, perhaps this will be the exception to the rule!

Kurogane no LineBarrel

Ok, this show will suck. I know it will! It doesn’t even follow the plot of the manga FFS!!! The only reason I’m watching it is because the mecha designs are the best looking things this side of the Five Star Stories!! So long as the mecha fights are good and the designs are right, I don’t care!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, BEHOLD!!!! The ultimate Tsundere!!!!! And a proper tsundere at that!!! not the character type everyone calls tsundere but isn’t really (Hiiragi Kagami from lucky star being the most recent example). I’m sold on that alone. The manga is pretty damn good too!

And since Aisaka Taiga is the ultimate tsundere, she is of course, voiced by her!

Interesting but meh

Casshern Sins

For some reason, I am in the mood for some ultra violence and Casshern looked like it fit the bill. I must admit that my exposure to Casshern is rather limited, mostly to the godawful Live action movie from 2004 but I am curious about the whole mythos of the show. I’m not really expecting anything from it other than to be a bit of fun so it’s a pretty safe bet. Just not must watch material.

Kemeko DX

Highly recommended by Danny choo, this show was within spitting distance of being a must watch. But having read the first few chapters of the manga, I found that the jokes started turning stale rather quickly, which makes me wary of this adaptation. So it’s mid tier for now.

To aru majutsu no index

Not sure why I started watching this show, but being made by JC staff doesn’t hurt. The first ep put a smile on my face and seems somewhat interesting so I’ll keep up with it for now.


Same as above. But I have to say that it’s a bit surreal watching a deity purify stuff using a toy magical girl wand…

Shikabane Hime:aka

Gainax = good!!
Directed by the same guy who did Jinki: Extend = not so good, in fact very very bad!!!

Another show which was within touching distance of “must watch” status but in the end, I decided on a wait and see approach, mainly because of the staff involved.

Chaos: HEAd

Eroge adaptations are usually hit or miss, with Nitro+ shows usually ending up on the bad side of the divide. It’s not that the show themselves are bad, but rather, it’s impossible to fit all the neccessary info and plot routes into a single show, much like Type moon animes. Demonbane was hit particularly hard by this. it hinted at much more but was unable to deliver. Let’s see how this new nitro+ show fares. It can’t be as bad as blassrietter by the end of it.

Ga-Rei Zero

Similar to Casshern, I’m just watching this because I’m in the mood for a rather violent action show.


Some serious manabi straight vibes from this one. And there’s always room for a slice of life comedy in by schedule.

Why am I watching this?

Clannad After story

Seriously, I have no idea why I’m watching this! The first season surprised me by making me not hate it but since this is after story, it’s going to have a very heavy Nagisa slant (even more so than the first season). DO NOT WANT!!!
I’m a Tomoyo and Ryou fan (mostly Tomoyo)!! I cannot be satisfied by a single extra ep!! I demand more Tomoyo!!!

akane iro ni somaru saka

As soon as I figure out why I have this downloaded, I’ll tell you. It’s a complete mystery right now…

macademi wasshoi

This show is giving me some strong Kyouran Kazokou nikki vibes but without the strong character cast to back it up… Not sure if want.

And that’s about it. Quite a list this time round and that’s not including a couple of shows I have’t picked up yet like Tales of the abyss. Not sure if I want to watch it since I actually have the game but haven’t finished it yet… But tear is cute and the original designs were from Fujishima Kyosuke of Oh my Goddess fame and I happen to think that he draws some of the most beautiful female characters around. Have you read a recent Goddess chapter?

Anyway, That’s my list. What is everyone else watching?

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