Despite having an abundance of great games to suck away my time (though I recently finished the best one, Valkyria chronicles) I have managed to fit in a little time to do some model work. Currently, I’m working on the first of 3 Lucky star figures and here’s where I have gotten up to so far.

This particular number will be Kagami, the most undeserved winner of Saimoe since the competition first started.

This kit marks a slight difference in my modus operandi as I don’t really care much for Lucky star or it’s characters, which is against my usual criteria when looking for kits to build. The reasons why will be revealed later.
There isn’t much left to do now, I still have the hair to do but the kit itself was pretty simple to put together (no prebuild pic I’m afraid as I totally forgot about it)

Here is a pic of all the parts (except for the bow at the front of the shirt) primed and ready to be painted. As you can see, the number of parts is fairly low. Not as low as Shirley but still very small compared to my other kits.

But that’s not to say that this kit was without it’s own problems. Sanding and cleanup was harder than what I expected and there were signs that the leg had been sanded down before it was sent as there were scratch marks down one leg and the surface looked somewhat flat.
The kit also had me doing a lot of masking. The pic above shows the skirt with the strips masked so I could get the stripe look on it. When it works it’s much easier than doing it freehand but I still needed to cut the strips of masking tape, apply them and ensure a tight fit.

Masking fluid was used for the inside of the skirt.

The whole thing was sprayed scarlet…

And the tape and dry fluid was removed to reveal…

One thing which was different about this kit was that the head was molded to the body instead of being a separate part like in most kits. I’m not sure why this is the case as such designs only cause problems.

My very first resin kit had this issue. She was a sailormoon figure and it annoyed me so much I actually broke the head off to make painting easier. However, the figure was smaller than Kagami here and the neck was more slender which made it easier to to a clean break and to fix it up later. This time, I had to endure the head getting in my way.

(and for those curious, that Sailormoon figure is now in Korea with a friend of mine from university. It was a christmas present from many years ago and, amazingly, it’s still in one piece. I really am curious to see how she stacks up to my more recent works…)

The head was painted first and then covered with masking fluid. For the Ladies (and gents) who visit this blog and use those clay facial washes, yup, you look this scary when you use them!!

here’s the body masked up and ready to be sprayed. Unfortunately, this one didn’t go according to plan and, for some reason, the masking tape on the collar didn’t stick properly so there was seepage galore!!!

I tried to fix it a few times, but in the end, I had to resort to hand painting the while lines on the collar. It’s not as tidy, as you can see in the first pic but it’s not too bad. Think of it as making the best of a bad situation. Luckily, the arms didn’t have such a problem.

There isn’t much else to do other than the hair, hands and detailing so I should be done with Kagami reasonably quickly. Good thing too as I have Tsukasa and Konata on their way too…

I also got this from this months Dengeki Hobby: Gundam Rasiel from the Gundam 00P manga.

As it’s from a magazine, some concessions had to be made. Aside from the lack of colour parts, the figure has zero posability and articulation. You can modify it to give it such features but it requires a fair bit of work and materials. I may provide some colour to it at a later date but I get the feeling that this kit is going to be the next Hazel and dengeki will be releasing additional parts in the coming months so I’m not sure if I want to stop now or keep going…

I have also found myself, the recipient of 2 Master grade Infinite justice kits and 1 Master grade Strike rouge. Don’t ask…