5 months is a long time. Just think what you can do it that allotted time? I finished 2 model kits, 3 Gunpla models and 4 video games in that time!

But with the end of the year rapidly approaching I found that there were several things which I wanted to do. One of these things was to do a figma/fraulein comparison, which I did a couple of weeks ago and another was to show off my final entry into the Shuraki line, Rize!!
She’s been patiently waiting for a chance to shine and that time is now!

By now, you’re in 1 of 3 camps

1) you weren’t interested in the shuraki line to begin with

2) you already own her

3) you’re trying very hard to find one which isn’t going to rape your wallet!!

In light of this, I’m going to forgoe the usual review and keep it short and sweet, keeping to just some choice points about her.

The huge skirt is definitely a focal point of the design and an initial cause for concern from buyers as it is quite heavy. Early reviews wondered if this was going to be the first shuraki figure with a major leaning problem.

Well, the bad news is that she does seem susceptible to leaning, at least more so than the previous figures. But on the bright side, it’s still not too bad compared to other figures I have seen.


The all important cast-off feature is still around! Rize is actually very well proportioned compared to previous figures. And definitely ranked 2 in the oppai charts after Char.

cute butt too!
One thing I did notice was that Rize seemed to be more prone to the paint rub problem when removing clothing. She also seemed to get dirtier a lot faster too…

On close up, you can also see quite an evident line where the upper body detaches for the cast off. It’s not too bad esp when compared to Mishiro, but since this is the 5th in the series, you would have thought that they would have ironed out the bugs by now.

And now we have the battle damaged version. it’s a shame that we lost the large skirt completely but I guess it would have been too difficult to make a battle damaged version of that…

One thing you may not catch in previous pics is that the arms aren’t actually lined up correctly to hold the halbard, her weapon of choice.
In fact, the handle often ends up resting on her oppai, ending up slightly above her left hand!

The battle damaged clothing also looks a little breezy.

Yup, definitely breezy!

The biggest weakness of Rize is probably the display base. Aside from having to support the weight of the large skirt piece, several owners have commented that the peg for the left leg is easily broken off. And I agree, since it happened to me too. Luckily, I was able to fix it with ease and attached a metal rod for added strength but not everyone will be so lucky or confident enough to try such a thing.
Stability isn’t hindered from the loss of the peg but it’s more than likely that Rize will fall if left alone in that state since the pegs on the remaining foot are surprisingly shallow and the added weight of the skirt may be enough to pull it free.

One thing which I forgot to mention is that the facial expression for Rize is a lot more relaxed and non confrontational compared to the earlier figures.  The facial expressions for Mishiro Mei Feng and Char made them look like they were seriously pissed, like they caught you starting at their bare breasts for an extended period of time (tho with Char, that’s understandable), or that they just caught you in the ladies changing room and are about to exact tenchu on you.

Compared to those, Rize has a much warmer and friendlier expression. And it certainly helps when several reviewers noted that Rize has an idol pose feeling to her.
Of course, when I read that, I just had to try it out.

And guess what? It worked pretty well! It’s no Kira but I was never a fan of that fad anyway.

And with that, my coverage of the Shuraki series comes to an end. Overall, I would say that Rize rates as my second Favourite in the series, with the top spot being taken by Char Rhoussman. Mei feng comes in 3rd with Mishiro covering the rear.
The series noticably improved with each iteration until the end where they seemed to stumble by making the design a bit too adventurous, as shown by the problems with Rize. The general difficulty in obtaining these figures didn’t help much either…

Never the less, I am still rather impressed by the series as a whole and it did soften my general dislike of PVC figures in general, even if it didn’t change my preference towards resin kits in the slightest. I will probably still get the occasional figure, but my first love is still resin kits and I don’t see that changing.

But it was still a valiant attempt to sway me. And to finish off, here’s the group shot, one more time…

We’ll just have to wait and see if there will be another series of this set. They have at least 2 more characters they can do afterall!