Looks like TokyoToyz has a little competition now.

I found out about this site randomly through the E2046 newsletter. Not sure how I got myself onto the mailing list (prob when I registered my competition entry or something) but it gives occasionally useful info, like this, so I keep it around.

Anyway, on this weeks newsletter, they announced that they are now partnered with Eye On Asia, a UK (Wales to be precise!! WOOHOO!!! Wales actually has something (I’m from south wales originally)) based site which deals with pretty much the same stuff as tokyotoyz, anime figures and merchandise.
Selection is a little thin at the moment but prices are reasonable (primarily due to the state of the markets and exchange rates tho) .

But I guess the biggest draw now, is that the store will be able to sell resin kits from E2046, not just the unpainted ones (my preferred stuff) but also the much vaunted GATHERING line of prepainted kits.

Of course, they will still have to deal with availability issue, same as E2046, since they don’t provide such figures regularly, and it is on the rather pricey side, but if you are UK based, they will arrive much faster than if you ordered direct from E2046. You also don’t have to worry about exchange rates or additional customs charges so the prices probably balance out.

If you’re based in the EU, check it out, you may find it a shop you may use in the future. For those outside the EU, while the shop does do international shipping, you’re probably better off sticking to ordering from established japanese sites like HLJ.com as the shipping costs from the UK will probably kill your wallet.