I actually completely forgot about the competition, which ended on Tuesday, despite actually having my own entry so this post is a little late.

After entering my Shirley into the contest I stopped paying attention although when the entries were being uploaded, I purposely chose not to view them, just in case I started getting an inferiority complex from looking at the really well painted entries, and there were quite a few!!

But now the votes have been tallied and the top 3 have been chosen. So who was the winner?


Uesugi Kenshin from Eroge Sengoku Rance, The character to finally displace Saber as the most popular eroge heroine (although that may have changed by now).
This entry was from a Hong Kong member who goes under the name blackdog and, although I don’t really rate the base model (as it’s a bit too much on the ero side for my tastes), I think he’s a worthy winner.

2nd and 3rd Place were taken by Vispo Asuka R2 and a heavily modified elf kit. respectively.

This is the point where a little bit of controversy is mixed in as I wouldn’t give second place to Asuka. No offence to the painter as he did a very good job but, to me, it looks too clinical and too close to how the E2046 gathering version looks like. Many of the entries have distinct marks from their painters so you can tell that there is a person behind it who does things in their own way but I don’t get that feeling from Asuka. I also strongly dislike the kit and think that the first version is much better, but that’s beside the point.

And that’s all that has been announced. Unfortunately, only the top 3 (i.e. the prizewinners) are announced.
I would have liked to have seen a further breakdown to see how I fared against the other entries but I can understand the reasoning why they stuck with just the top 3 (Can you imagine how soul crushing it would be to find your work at the bottom of the list with nil point or something similar?). They show how many times an entry has been viewed, but that’s still not really an accurate gauge of how it ranked in the competition as a whole.
Maybe the organisers could do  a top 10? there were definitely more than enough figures to cover that much and I, for one, would be ecstatic if my entry was considered one of the top 10 entered, even if I don’t win anything!!

So for now, I’m left to wonder just how well my entry fared. Did she manage to break into the top half, perhaps even top 20? or was she languishing near the bottom?

The main E2046 website now has a section to display all the entries for the competition although to view the pics for each one, as well as the ones used in this post, you will need to go to the forum (registration required)
The next competition will, most likely, be held in the summer, but for now, I’m undecided if I’m going to enter. I still have plenty of time to decide tho.

And on a side note, I uploaded a few pics of Kagami and she got the Gallery of the day!! Wee!!!