The thing about limited editions are that, although they are highly sought after initially, they have a very definite “sell-by-date.” Initially, such items can be highly sought after and those who own them and are willing to part with them can command prices which are far higher than the initial price.

However, wait too long and the general fanbase forgets about it and moves on to the “next big thing.” If you miss your chance by waiting, then only the most hardcore of fans will continue to show an interest.  In light of this, if one is to gloat about his or her aquisition of a rare or limited item, then it is best to do is fairly soon after it is aquired. Which brings us to this weeks figure review.

Figma Saber Lily!!!

I’m pretty sure that this particular figma needs no long introduction. A figma made available only to buyers of the PS2 game Fate/Unlimited Codes Special edition, she is a completely new design for the most popular eroge/visual novel character EVER!!!

Also, whoever designed and named her definitely did their homework, in flower language, the white lily is the symbol of Virginity, Purity and majesty. Pretty fitting for Saber, right? Well, apart from the virginity bit…

Unlike (I assume) most buyers, I was interested in the game itself more than the figma, which I saw as a nice bonus. Luck was also on my side as I preordered the game long before the exchange rates went into total meltdown and the site I purchased it from, play-asia, decided to raise the price further. As a result, I obtained both the game and Saber for a more agreeable price than many others.
I covered the game in an earlier post so feel free to go there for a review of the game. Nevertheless, I’m still really surprised at the level of attention the new lily design has gotten, given that in the game, it’s nothing more than an extra skin for Saber.

Structurally, saber Lily is no different from her predecessor. In fact, all her additional parts are compatible with the regular Saber Figma. She comes with the usual assortment of hands, 2 hair pieces (one straight and one wind swept) and 2 faces. One face is the one seen above. The “evil look” face which looks like saber got mad at you for eating all the food…

The other one is the “I saw what you did there” face seen above.

A closer look on the face. This particular one is probably not one which people would use often but luckily, you still have the faces from the original saber figma to fall back on, assuming you own one. Of course, the hair parts can be swapped around and contain the all important ahoge. You don’t want her turning into Saber Lily Alter now, would you?

A copy of a pose seen on the unlimited codes box. I really liked this pose as it shows saber as being both strong and effeminate.

And here’s the back. One thing the designers borrowed from the Fraulein line is the absence of the holes in the back of the figure where the base usually connects. In this case, it’s probably because only the bare back is shown, but Saber lily is held up by a small arm like the frauleins this time round, instead of a peg being inserted into her back. But don’t worry, the hole is still there…

See? I told you so! The peg is usually hidden by a black part so you don’t often see it. Also, since it’s so much lower than the usual spot, it’s really good for dynamic jump poses, but pretty awful for everything else…

A slightly better shot of the connection…

And the front view of the dynamic pose.
As I said earlier, I really like the skirt design for saber lily. It’s more detailed than the regular figmas and is very solid. Moving the legs underneath poses no problems either as the skirt parts simple move aside, as opposed to the saber skirt parts which came in several parts and always wanted to be in a certain position. They also redesigned the legs too..

Saber flashing her leg reveals the shocking secret! She’s wearing a garter belt!!! How scandalous!!!

One thing I also think deserves a mention is that goodsmile finally released a very useful pair of hands in the set!

These positions are often overlooked but they are for bending the hands downwards so you can point the sword straight down and parallel to your arm. It also allows for more accurate poses when you are trying to do a swinging motion. Try it out next time, you’ll find that your wrist bends in the same way! I’m surprised it took this long to get these! Frauleins are able to do it themselves thanks to the joint in the wrist but figmas need a specific hand molded.

You’ve already seen the hands in several pics above, where saber is either in mid swing or just at the end of one. The hands can also be used to do poses like this:

It’s not all rosy though… I’ve praised the redesigned legs but the arms are a different story. First, lets check out the minor stuff.
Remember when I did my Figma vs Fraulein comparison and I said that saber lily will be showing us how figmas could try and do bare shoulders? Well, I was kinda wrong…

In the end, they didn’t so much as address the limitation as they simply did what they always did, cover the joint up. Only this time, using smaller parts to give an illusion of bare shoulders. and, while it doesn’t match what figmas are capable of, it’s still a vailant try. The collar covers the upper area of the shoulder joint while the arms cover the rest from the side, leaving one area exposed to allow movement.

However, that design does bring up one other problem…

From the pic above you can see the line on the joint where the part is able to move. unfortunately, with a small rotation to the arm, the joint can be easily obscured.

The line has to be aligned with the exposed part of the arm or else it will not move. This isn’t a problem in itself as a little pressure will quickly make you realise that something is up and act accordingly to move the parts carefully. But should saber fall from a height, then there’s a good chance of the arm breaking off, and it won’t be easy to fix…

But that’s a relatively minor problem provided that you’re careful. the bigger issues are the accessories on her upper arms!

The parts on her biceps are rather large and often get in the way when posing. A comparison pose above with the original saber. Although the pose itself looks ok, lily looks more unnatural and was also much harder work to actually get her to that position in the first place!!!

It’s fine if you avoid moving the arms too close but it is very annoying at times.

A copy of the pose shown on the front of the SP box. You can see more clearly how the arm parts obstruct movement in the above pic.

And just to prove a point, I used a face given with the original Figma Saber in this last pic, just to show that they really are compatible.

A copy of the pose for the PVC saber lily under deveopment, except with the correct sword since, in the game, Saber lily uses caliburn exclusively.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about Saber Lily. She didn’t make me a convert but she really shows signs of extra care, attention to detail and production values compared to other figma, probably because she is a limited edition.

Having said that, I find it hard to recommend her, given the astronomical prices some people are asking for her. I got a good deal but if you haven’t got her yet, I can’t recommend her for the price you are probably going to pay for. If she was regular Figma price, then I would say go for it, but in the end, it depends on how badly you want her…

And, to finish off, my favourite pose. A combination of 2 seen above. Elegance, purity, strength and beauty. All in 1.

If you managed to get one in the initial rush and didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for her, I’m happy for you. For the rest, if you still want one, good luck. You’re probably going to need it!