Just a minor update for this week to show that Konata and Tsukasa are making progress.

As they are similar in look to Kagami, a lot of the problems faced thus far are the same as the ones I faced with Kagami, and they managed to throw in a few new tricks in there as well.

First up, Tsukasa

For reasons unknown, the sculptor decided to mold the collar separately from the main body, unlike the other 2. Hence why it’s still a shade of Grey in the above pic, I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. The separate part “feature,” however, did cause a few headaches with the attaching of the pink tie/scarf, as they 2 had to overlap eachother to ensure that it all looked natural. The collar easily moves around at this point so that made sticking the tie/scarf thingy annoying as I had to constantly adjust the location, but I think I got it in the end. And when the collar is stuck in place after it’s painted, the problem will go away.

The skirt gave me the same problems as Kagami did, namely, the while lines. There was less seepage this time round, but the skirt is more dynamic so on some parts, the white lines don’t look parallel… I’ll try and adjust this on the cleanup section.

And of course, the lines need a general tidy-up in any case…

The above pic also shows the “repair job” I had to do on the collar, following the unfortunate mishap I wrote about last time regarding removing the flash. It still needs a bit more sanding down, but I’ll have a better idea of how much extra work is needed after some colour is put on.

As for Konata

She was an interesting one…

As usual the skirt gave me problems, but the main issue I had with her was the fact that she was so damn small!

The masking tape had to be cut to much thinner strips or else the white lines would be too big and the collars had to be done by hand. You heard me, Those lines on the collar were painted by hand, with no masking tape!!! ugh, now that was a proper test of a steady hand…

You also can’t really see in this pic, but the socks were done in a different way to the other 2. Since it was a darker colour, I first painted the area in a standard skin colour and then lightly misted some thin dark brown paint to the area. So on close inspection, you can see pigments of the original skin colour underneath the brown. It’s not a solid brown colour. I’ll post pics when she’s completed so give a better idea, but I think it looks a little bit like stockings. It’s not a great attempt but it’s not too bad.

Not too much left to go through now, and I’ve recently aquired a new little item which has given me a few ideas for a major mod job… We’ll see how things go and how far I’ll be able to take it.