Quick post this time round. I’ve been asked questions regarding how to build figures both from this blog and other communities for quite some time so I thought I would try and help people out by putting up a quick “help” section on the blog. Eagle eyed readers may notice that there’s a new page next to the “about page” on the top called “Glossary and Techniques”

Basically, all I did was write up a quick explaination on the basic steps when I build a figure and provided explainations for some of the jargon I use, particularly during the WIP posts.
Most of the info was stuff I posted early on but I appreciate that not everyone will be able to look at the back posts to look for info or pointers on how to do some parts of their figures so this new page is just to consolidate such info and provide an easy access point for anyone who’s curious or looking for help.

I’ll add more stuff as and when I feel they should go in, but if you think there should be more bits of info on the page, let me know and I’ll see if I can accomodate it.

Hope some people find the page at least a little useful.