I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a fan of Shunya Yamashita. While his artworks and sculpted works are somewhat pleasing to the eye, none have ever really grabbed my attention. Except 1…

And that 1 was Mirei-san. I’m not sure if it was because of the whole executive look or the ridiculously sexy pose from the first figure (where she was sitting on a chair) but she really caught my attention. Fast forward a while and the current selection of Shunya Yamashita works are a set of original character busts. Again, somewhat pleasing but not attention grabbing, not until Mirei appeared again!!

Although she lost her legs (and her chair) the bust version captures the same qualities which made her a head turner in the first place, so I thought I’d grab one. Be warned though, she commands a pretty hefty price. This little number set me back £55 but when you take her out of the box, you understand why.
Held snuggly in a polystyrene box, it becomes pretty apparent that this isn’t the usual completed PVC figure readers often buy. Her weight also betrays her (shouldn’t really be talking like that about a lady, but hey). She’s a polystone resin figure!

The sculpt itself has it’s ups and downs. On closer inspection, the details on the figure do outshine those seen on most PVC figures, which explains why they decided to go for a resin build instead of a cheaper PVC one.

The pose itself feels like a natural extension after her prevous outing and captures the playful yet sexy look as before.

A few problems start arising when you start moving even closer tho.

Call me shallow for this, but I find that the face sculpt for this version of Mirei only looks good at certain distances and angles. The best angle, i think is just to the side, like the pic above.

But go a little further and it’s almost like she’s a completely different person. Opinions will differ on this point as to how good or bad it is, but I really do feel that this figure was made so that you only look at her from certain angles, usually the straight on angle…

Also, on a minor note, I can’t tell if that black dot on her upper lip is a beauty mark, dirt or some imperfection. It’s not on the official artwork and I’m afraid that trying to remove it forcefully will damage the paint job. If anyone can clear that mystery up for me (so I can either leave it alone or try to remove it in earnest) it would be much appreciated.

And for the final main issue, look down. Actually, chances are you’re look at the area already so stay there. Where? The breasts (wo)man!!! The breasts!!!!

now look closely at the bra. and stop drooling. You should be able to notice that there are some faint shadows on the cup which leads me to think that the original sculpt was a little bit saucy and our little mirei-san was wearing lace underwear!! woohoo!! The only problem is that the paint on the bra is so thick, any possible details underneath are almost impossible to see. so we only have our imaginations to work with.

Answer honestly now, where were you looking? Her piercing eyes or the valley?

All in all, Mirei-san is still my Favourite Shunya Yamashita creation and a solid product, if on the pricey side. Whether or not she’s worth it is debatable with both sides having good arguments. But the fact that she’s resin did help me out in the long run after I pretty much destroyed her.

Yeah, you heard me. “Why would I do that?” you ask? Well, to be frank, the lack of legs bother me so I hacked her off her base (many thanks to old family friends, the Robinsons, for their help in that matter).

So the base is now pretty much unusable so there’s no turning back. After my lucky star duo is complete, I’m going to have a go at a major modification (again). Mirei is going to get some legs (hopefully)