Another really minor update today, just showing off the final parts of the body and the start of the heads.

At least the hair shouldn’t present any problems. Again, the stripes on the uniforms provided several annoying moments and they still require further cleaning after all this!!!

Konatas wrists were especially hard since I had to do them free hand again and the parts were very very thin.

The arms also had some small gaps which were filled in with some milliput. Nothing too dramatic but the head does look like it’s looking too far down. I’ll have to look into the positioning and see if that is correct as it does look a little off right now.

But that’s nothing compared to Tsukasa!

there are some serious connection issues with the arms at the moment, they just don’t line up well with the shoulders. The connection between the neck and body are also terrible so I’ll need to figure out a way to get it to fit in more snuggly.

This Tsukasa model really makes you appreciate the little details in other figure designs, like how the neck is usually molded to the body and the dead is the only thing separate, or how the areas where parts join are made as invisible as possible.

Painting the head and eyes should be a breeze compared to the mod work tsukasa will need. Speaking of mods, I purchased 2 3mm diameter rods and some sculpey for mirei-san. She will get legs yet!!!