How the heck did that one scene gain such notoriety? More over, did anyone actually remember watching said advert on TV when they were little?

While you ponder the answer to such a question, here’s everybodys favourite supergeek, Izumi Konata !!!

I worked on her in Tandem with Tsukasa but during the cleanup process, I found that Tsukasa required more work so I focused on Kagami in order to finish her off and the give Tsukasa more attention. Both should be 100% finished by next week.

I have to admit though, I feel that these 2 don’t quite stack up to my other works. I don’t know what it is but I don’t get the same level of satisfaction from working on these 2 compared to, say, Ignis or Yoko. Perhaps it may also be related to my indifference to the characters being painted (I worked on these 2 primarily to complete a set with Kagami) As a result, I feel that, on a personal level, I could have done better. There’s nothing wrong with their overall appearance, it’s just a nagging feeling that I have. What do you all think?

Having said that, Konata was rather interesting to paint. Her incredibly diminuitive size caused all sorts of headaches while painting as it meant that many of the usual techniques had to be thrown out the window. All the while stripes on the top part of her uniform had to be painted by hand for instance, and I was lucky to get away with being able to mask her skirt. Parts fits were also an issue with a fair bit of the hair and head sections needing sanding and modifications to ensure that everything fitted correctly (and I almost lost her ahoge).

Even the hair colour gave me a little trouble. Initially, I used citadel ultramarine blue as the base and enchanted blue as the primary colour for the hair and the result can be seen below.

Not bad as such, but after my experiences with Kagami, I felt that the hair was a tad too dark. Attempts to lighten the hair by misting it over with a lighter shade also failed to have the desired effect so in the end I lightly sprayed a very light porcelaine blue over the darker untramarine blue base before adding the enchanted blue on top. The end result was a similar shade to what was seen above but more vibrant and bright. Perfect!!!

And yes, the hair is so long, it obscures all of her back.

I know it’s pretty much obligatory, but damn I felt dirty when taking this pic. And all of you, be extension, should feel dirty for looking at it!!!

And that’s about it. As I said before, Tsukasa is a tad more complicated than Konata so she needs a little more work before she debuts. She should be ready for next weeks post and after that, you’ll be able to see them in the flesh (so to speak) over at orbital manga.

and to finish