And finally, continuing on from last week, we have the other Hiiragi twin, Tsukasa. Here she is posing with Konata!

I held her back last week as there were a few gaps which needed filling and a little bit of cleanup to be done in a couple of areas. I also spent a little time on Konata, making the lines on the eyes tidier and also adding the mole under her left eye. Hurrah for ridiculously expensive rapidograph pens!!
I found it almost impossible to do with a paintbrush as the mark would always end up too big but the pen allowed me to have much greater control. It just feels like a bit of a waste to use it for something so trivial!

I must confess that out of the 3, I had the hardest time working up any sort of drive to work on tsukasa, Kagami was a solo project and was done first so I guess I used up a lot of my enthusiasm there. The 3 kits are, afterall, incredibly similar in their colour palates and problem spots so it did feel at times like I was doing 3 of the same kit at times, with just the pose being different.

Kagami made things a little more interesting due to her size but Tsukasa just managed to annoy in the end. She also gave me the most hassle during the build process. Remember my first WIP post and those damaged parts? They were all Tsukasa!!!
And the kit in general just felt wierd. The neck didn’t fit on the body without some serious scratching and sanding and the separate collar just made things worse. I’m glad to see the back of that…

I did like the wind blown skirt look tho.

One good thing about the kit was that it happened to be the same scale as Kagami so they really do look like twins (I’ll see if I can nab a pic of all 3 together).

All I can say to others who want to try and make their own set is, always look at the absolute height for the figure and never EVER trust the scale description.
The description for Konata said that she was the same scale as Kagami whereas Tsukasa was labelled non-scale. I picked her because, when finished, she was supposed to be the same height as Kagami but Konata is very very small compared to both!

I’m pretty sure Konata wasn’t *that* short in the anime…

I used the same colours on the eyes for Tsukasa as I did Kagami (well, they are twins) but for some reason, the eyes seem a little crosseyed yet when I go in to double check, they are fine. Bit weird there…
You can also see a little bit of my patchwork repair on the collar from the damage it obtained from the flash removal.

I felt far too dirty when doing the upskirt last week so you’ll have to make do with this shot this time.  One strange thing about the design was that the skirt didn’t contain a secondary inner skirt like the other 2. The effect above was a makeshift version, done by leaving a small section unmasked when I painted in the red.

And there we have it. After those 3, I’m pretty sure I’m all Lucky Starred out. I guess I can count myself lucky that there’s no Miyuki for me to do as well!!
All 3 should be viewable at orbital manga in central London for those interested.

And I think now would be a good time to call in a break so I don’t think I’ll be working on any model kits for a little while, Partially because I feel a little burned out right now and also, have you seen the new games release list???
Streetfighter 4 this week, Killzone 2 next week and Resident evil 5 and Persona 4 on March 13th!!! (these are UK release dates btw). Argh, I haven’t even finished P3 FES yet!!!!

If SF4 doesn’t take over then I really should get cracking on that so I can move onto P4. Bet I’ll get my arse kicked online on SF4 anyway…
And on another note, has anyone played noby noby boy yet? Weird game… really weird!!!!

If you enjoy this blog, don’t worry, I’ll still be trying to keep up with my “1 post a week” schedule but don’t expect any new resin model kit works/mods for a little while. Except maybe Mirei…