It seems that I’m spurred on to build my outstanding mecha kits whenever I’m about to receive a new one. Destiny was built because Infinite justice arrived (and I still need to build one) and now, as I await the arrival of my VF-25 Alto Custom with Sheryl Nome decals, I have started work on the 1/100 Alteisen from super robot wars impact/OG

In days past I used to be able to rattle a mecha kit out in the space of one evening. Looks like those days are over. I’ve had quite a lot going on recently and my free time has diminished to the point where, in 2 whole weeks, I’m only able to do this much!!!

I’m in the final stretch now, but it is a little galling to see how long it has taken me to get this far, esp since I still have the detailing to do after this!!

I’ll keep this post short as I think it would be best to leave my final thoughts until after it’s completed, but I will say this much, Kotobukiya still have problems with the design stage and Bandai are still Kings of Plamo.

It’s just lots of little things, like how the fit of some parts are too loose or far too tight. The legs especially, gave me lots of varying problems and are also very stiff around the parts which are meant to bend. In fact, one part holding the feet actually broke off. I had to do an impromptu repair job with a metal rod and poly cement glue.
Next week, I think I’ll write up my thoughts on resident evil 5 (I finished it on co-op late last night) but by then I hope to finish Alteisen and get back to work on Mirei-san (yes, she’s progressing, albeit very slowly).