She’s finally finished. The last bits were only really minor (just a few really small detailing and panel lines) but I didn’t want to do a photoshoot until everything was complete. But here it is. After over a year since I actually purchased it, here’s ALTEISEN!!!

This one is the 1/100 scale model kit of the original Alt, not the upgraded riese (which is pretty much unmakable anyway) from Kotobukiya. At present, I believe there are only 3 1/100 kits in the SRW line. Alt, R-1 and Wildwurger.

While building the kit, it quickly becomes apparent that Kotobukiya still have a way to go before matching the kings of this type of model kit, bandai.
The jump to 1/100 scale did solve a few issues which I had hangups on with the 1/144 kits I have built but for the most part, the strengths of the 1/144 kits show up in the 1/100 Alt, but also a lot of the problems…

First and foremost, many of the parts have very tight fits, which cause some problems when inserting parts but also cause many joints to be very stiff. My prepainting of the parts while they were still on the sprue may have contributed a little, but a thin layer of paint isn’t going to cause much of a distraction when it comes down to it. The shoulder joints also have a tendency to sag, like in the above pic.

The kit also has fairly limited poseability, although this is in part due to the nature of the mecha design as opposed to a production design issue. The pic above shows the limitations of the joint flexibility for the arms and legs. Not that much different from the 1/144 kits, which I lamented but at least the parts show why there is a limitation.

Despite those limitations, you can get a fair few dynamic poses, even if they do look a *little* awkward.

The above pose made me a little tempted to buy a same scale R-1 do recreate the scene in SRW:OG where Kyosuke and Ryuusei did a mock battle and destroyed an arm each.

As for the good points of the kit, due to it’s larger scale, The model looks much better if build straight out-of-box. The stake and golden parts of the Revolver Stake still look hideously plastic but the rest are molded very well (but you also have a lot of small parts to worry about).
The makers also provided a little wiring and an LED to light up the eyes of alteisen. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test it due to a lack of the correct size batteries, but after having worked on several PG gundam kits and ensured they all worked (even the notorious Zeta gundam PG), I’m confident that Alts’ eyes will light if I have the batteries required. I must admit I was a little surprised when I saw the lighting parts. Bandai only place such things on their PG kits as the increased scale makes it easier to work with. Nevertheless, it’s a welcome addition.
Finally, the details on the kit are superb. It has all the parts and details you would expect from alteisen. This additional detail was always something Kotobukiya kits were much better at than bandai kits and it shows up again in this scale.

As for other features, the chambers of the Revolve stake can be pushed out but the lack of flexibility in the shoulders prevent a clean “reloading” pose from being done.

The shoulder claymores also open and use a simple mechanism for opening.After manually opening the white bay doors, the fins on the back can be raised and the white fin can be pushed forward to open the inner doors and expose the claymores.

This is the default “closed” position…

and here’s the “open” position. You can also see a bit of the inner doors in the pic.

And here’s the back of Alteisen, for completions sake.

Final Thoughts: Alteisen is a great kit to look at but it’s build process it just too damn annoying to warrent a must buy reaction. It’s lack of poseability also makes it feel more like a size up version of 1/144 kits so you’re probably just as well off buying the smaller 1/144 kit. It may require a bit more work and paint, but they’re essentially the same thing. This isn’t really a jump up like it is with HG gunpla to MG.

Unless you really want a 1/100 size, then stick with the smaller kits. Wildwurger would be worth the extra cash on it’s 1/100 as it containts the Armour purge mechanic for the twin bird strike, something which requires a separate kit for the 1/144 (but lacks a same scale Wildfalken to complete it).
Still, it’s better than the 1/144 attempt at Alteisen Reise. The scale is just all wrong and is too close to the original. This is meant to be a unit which requires an anti gravity unit (normally used to give flight to ground based units) just to stand up!!! The revolver bunker is supposed to be almost as big as the body itself.

I’ve only seen one Reise model in the correct scale and it was a fixed pose resin kit. I don’t think a true snap together kit of Reise with the correct scale will ever come to be, and if it did, it would probably have a hard time just standing up.