As well as producing the exceptionally desirable (at least for me) perfect change dangaioh, Studio halfeye have also been releasing other mecha figures with obscene pricetags. Their first one was the perfect change Getter Robo and, more recently, they have been working on the 3 main Mecha from the Remake series Gaiking: Legend of Daikyu Maryu.

The show was a remake of the old 70s super robot show (which I loved) but kept nothing except for the design of Gaiking and Daikyu Maryu.

Personally I really hated the show as I found the majority of the new cast, especially the lead character Daiya, to be insufferably annoying. I also didn\’t welcome the changes they made to Gaiking itself and the show was pretty much made on a shoestring budget so a lot of it hit a level of QUALITY most recently seen in Birdy the mighty Decode S2 ep 7!!

But there were some good points. As the show progressed, I did like the introduction of 2 other mecha which were supposedly on par with Gaiking and serve as enemy rivals (and eventual allies) called Vulking and Raiking. I also liked the combination of all 3 (well, the chest of gaiking, the arms of Raiking and the legs of Vulking) to form Gaiking the Great, a very cool mecha which was one of the few really good things to come out of the show.
Studio Halfeye have already released Gaiking and Vulking complete with perfect transformations but I was always left wondering if the inevitable Raiking release would also allow buyers to create gaiking the great?

Well, with the imminent release of Raiking, we have an answer, and the answer is YES!!!

This is brilliant news for fans of gaiking the great… Or it would be if not for a little issue called cost.

You see, you need to purchase all 3 figures in order to form Gaiking the great and, since this is studio halfeye we\’re talking about, they don\’t come cheap. While not Dangaioh priced, each figure will cost around £350 EACH!!!! So to get Gaiking the Great, you\’re looking at around £1100!!!!!

Looks like this fantastic little number will be out of reach for most buyers, including myself. But then, Dangaioh has always been my primary target, and I WILL have it!!!!
In the meantime, this months hobby Japan has a nice little article regarding the release of Raiking and Gaiking the great which we can drool over and there\’s the studio halfeye site as well. Now, I wonder if anyone has youtubed the transformation sequence for the figures…
In the meantime, Heres a video of the first time Gaiking the Great appears in the show. I believe it was episode 31. The animation quality is pretty decent as well, you\’ll be glad to hear.