Actually, not technically true, I was one of the 10 runners up for the Giveaway competition at The competition was to show off our rooms and see who had the most Otaku room.

The eventual winner was LightningSabre and I have to say that it was a deserved win for he went to places I would not DARE!!!! Not that I couldn’t. If I unloaded all my mangas, which are currently stored away in very large boxes, I might even be able to exceed that mighty room, but then I wouldn’t be able to move… No, I think everything is fine the way it is!
My entry was just an updated version of the pics I uploaded to celebrate my blogs 1st birthday.

Due to the rather sudden entry (and the fact I used the competition as an excuse to clean up my room) not everything which was seen in the original post is still on display. Notably, my DX aquarion has gone walkies, as have many of my still packaged figures such as my Bome TenTen figures. but this is what is currently on display now.
Danny pretty much nailed it when he described my room as a having a workshop feel because that’s pretty much what this area is. Plonk my wireless keyboard elsewhere, put my spraybox on the desk (and adjust for ventilation) and my workshop where I build all my gunpla and resin kits is complete! It also triples as the area where I take my pics for my blog (using the large box with white interior you see above the TV)
This is, as they say, where the “magic” happens!

Larger closeup shots are available after the jump. I’ll refrain from putting any detailed entries in as I intend to show my works/purchases of the past year for the blogs 2nd birthday (which is only 2 months away!) Check out the post on Dannychoo for the other entries.

The mecha shelf towering over my modest Special character Pinky:st collection and a mere fraction of my manga and anime DVD collection.

The infamous (mostly) resin complete works cabinet which also houses my 2 Ignis the white figures as well as my personalised sketch of starscream by one of the transformers comic artists and my cover of MGS4 signed by Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi!

The Gamestation!!! I would have liked to have had a larger TV (currently 32″) but I wouldn’t have anywhere to put something larger, except the wall, which is a big no-no as I’m renting my accomodation. Also, check out the To-Love-Ru mini figs guarding my TV!!! I would gladly swap Mikan for Lala, but I’m just glad I got Yui and Golden Darkness.
And on a completely separate note, danm sony and their 2.70 firmware update!! It didn’t add any functionality for me but broke my PS2 pad adaptor, so the 6 button Chun li pad you see in the pic above (the big blue one) can’t be used for Streetfighter 4 anymore!! boo!!!!

Now, what can I use my 2000 yen to subsidise? I’m thinking something volks-esque. Yahoo! japan auctions would be too much of a hassle. Any thoughts?