And, truth be told, one was completely expected. But the past week has been pretty good for my model collection (and not so good for my “to do” pile).
The end of last week saw the delivery of my Limited edition TriggerHeart Exelica Enhanced for the PS2, so you know what that means…

Nendoroid Exelica!!!!
The other thing was a complete surprise. A while back (over a month ago) I ordered a macross item from Hobbylink japan as they were doing a special offer of giving away free decals so I took the plunge. Normally, it takes 1~2 weeks to arrive in the UK so when twice the amount of time elapsed, I had pretty much given up hope and assumed that the useless morons at royal mail lost it in transit. Turns out I was wrong (luckily) and the useless morons at royal mail were just sitting on it for ages while trying to work out the customs charge. But it’s here now, My VF25 Alto Custom with SHERYL DECALS!!!

Yes, I know that they are doing a second promotion now with ranka decals, but I would never dirty my VF25 model with Ranka Decals. Sheryl, the Galaxy Songstress all the way!!!!

A quick preview before they fade away. Nendo Exelica will probably get her own review in the near future alongside the game, not that I really need to do an extensive review of the game since it’s pretty much the same as all the other ones I own (dreamcast and Xbox Live Arcade version) with only a few extra things of note.

Nendoroid Exelica replicating the pose done by her “big sister” from Alter. Dammit, why do they constantly shaft Crueltear???

I have to admit that I really liked the box and cover art for the game tho. I also got a free balloon for preordering with a halfsized chibi crueltear on one side and Exelica on the other. (Crueltear *sniff* (>_<))

and finally a closeup of the Sherly Decals

The only problem I can see is that they appear to be water decals, which means that they will be an absolute ARSE to put onto the model. It’s also recommended that you don’t transform the figure in case you damage the decals, so it looks like my kit may be eternally locked in fighter or gerwalk mode. Oh well, sacrifices must be made…

On a final note, I just got confirmation from HLJ that they are preparing to ship my Perfect grade Red frame, along with the custom parts and twin swords!!! Well, I did preorder before they even announced the parts so I would hope that I get them. The latest issue of dengeki hobby also gave away free decals for the PG kit to give away markings for the Blue, gold and green frame. I’m a little tempted to make a gold frame figure but gettting the shade of gold right is going to be a nightmare, just ask my WIP KoG.