And now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

After a flurry of games reviews, it’s time to get back to what this blog was initially set up for, the Model kits!! And it’s not like I’ve been lazy while playing hours of Streetfighter 4 and Resi 5. Some of you may remember my little purchase of Mirei san, from back in January.

And you may also remember that I was considering modifying the poor thing to give it some legs. Well, I’ve made a bit of a start…

I hacked Mirei off her base some time ago, but in the process, I pretty much destroyed the base as the majority of the blue layer was scraped off by the hacksaw used (many thanks to the Robinsons, old family friends, for their assistance). The legs themselves, however, came through quite nicely. It’s just a “point-of-no-return” so to speak.

There were a couple of issues which I discovered after the hackjob though…

Firstly, The legs were being held in place by some metal rods in each leg. This was actually expected but it made what I had in mind, more difficult. The other thing was completely unforseen. The polystone resin used to make the figure is incredibly tough and resistant to damage. This made drilling the holes you see in the pics incredibly difficult. In the end, I had to drill small holes with a 0.2mm Drill part to use as leverage for the larger 3mm drill, which is the one used to make the holes.

What are the holes for? Well, If I’m going to be making some legs, I thought that a basic skeleton to sculpt with might have been an idea. Especially since I won’t be using a hard material like resin for the parts.

Getting the length was really tricky, esp since the pose is asymetrical and I’m not exactly a master of anatomy. I used a combination of my Shirley Fenette and Yoko kits to give me a rough idea on how long the legs will be and the rods are cut slightly shorter than that as I intend to give her high heels to rest on so a big hulking rod through her leg would be a no-no.

And here’s a better pic to show the rough proportions I thought up. At this stage it’s almost impossible for me to tell if they are about right or not. We’ll find out when I start applying the sculpey clay I’m going to be using to the “frame” and try to give the blobs some form.
This is my first attempt at sculpting so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go smoothly, but, as I said, I’m past the point of no return, so even if it ends up a horrible mess, I have no choice but to move forward.