Not much of interest to put in here.

This blog was set up primarily as a place for me to share my love of model kits and also start up a progress bar for my more complex projects like my resin kits.

It quickly devolved into a “things of interest” blog but I do try to keep in within the scope of anime and video games. Mostly anime though…

It’s still a very new blog so I’m sure it will continue to evolve… or die an abrupt death, I’m not sure.

About Me

Looking for personal info about the author? Then you are out of luck. I will say this much though,

  • I’m Male
  • I reside in the UK. London to be precise.

I started watching anime around the time everyone else was into G1 transformers. (70s Super robot shows rock!!!) Then I went through a drought till around 96, when I picked up Neon genesis Evangelion back when VHS was still the main format.

My model building began around that time as well, with my first “official” Kit being the master grade gundam GP01-fb (the unofficial first being the MG Zeta gundam mk 1. Now let us never speak of it again). I painted my first figure back in 2001, which was a sailormoon kit for a friend, but I cut my teeth painting Games workshop models when I was younger.

If anyone wants to contact me and/or link to this blog, feel free to send me an email at

knightsabre2k [at] Gmail [dot] com

Just replace the obvious suffixes with the required parts.