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Is it that time already? Well, since I’m away from all my major systems for a while I actually have the time to sit down and do one of these roundups, otherwise I would be hitting valkyria chronicles like crack in preparation for the DLC which is released very soon!!
But I should spend a little time reflecting on what was an interesting season with no great shows but quite a few entertaining ones. And I’ll be posting what I’ll be watching this season too!

Best show: Rideback

Now, first of all, I should come out and say it, Rideback was not a particularly great show, esp in terms of story. Plus, the mecha were, as a friend so eloquently put, are just  suped up Segways!!!!
The story had similar problems to Bounen no Xam’d. It was a story which was heavily dependent on understanding not only the characters but the world they live in and the political landscape. This part was stripped out at first and gradually introduced but in the end, they weren’t able to explain enough in the 13 ep limit which left the show feeling rather hollow. It’s not as bad as Xam’d but things like how much power the GGP actually had over the local government, how they were so easily able to hide and suppress uprisings with ridiculouly excessive force and get away with it and what the main goals of the BMA were (do you honestly think such a well equipped force would be doing it solely for 1 guys thrist for revenge?)

Other things were also just thrown on the sidelines, like Kenji, Rins brother. I’ve read the 1st volume of the manga and I found that the manga tried to feed you too much info at once. With the anime, they feed you too little.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show considerably. Only Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo was as entertaining (if not more so) but it’s only half way complete and there’s plenty of time for it to fumble…

Runners up: Sora Kake Girl, Chrome shelled Regios

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And so another season is apon us so I’m taking this chance to choose my best and worst shows of last season as well as see what there is to look forward to. A few of these shows have already popped up in my new years post so there’s going to be a bit of an overlap, but since this is focusing on the last season only, there’s a little more detail. but anyways, here’s the ratings for the previous shows.

Best Show: Toradora!

Taiga!! You’re awesome!!! Ami, you’re even more awesome!! Minorin, CHOU AWESOME!!!! Huh? what do you mean “what about the other character?” There were others? Well, the parrot is cool, that’s about it…

(Oh come on, This show made my top 5 of the year. Did you really think that something else was going to usurp it’s position?)

And since this is toradora, Obligatory….

Runners up: Hyakko, Macademi Wasshoi, Kemeko DX

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I thought that, since it was the new year, I would do a post rating my best 5 shows of the last year, as well as some other bits of news. In the interest of fairness, I also included this seasons show, even if they didn’t finish. They’ll show up for the next seasons preview post as well, but some get to shine now!

So, in a sort of style like Momotato:

Bamboo Blade

Note that the shows weren’t necessarily the show of the season back when they were aired. Chalk it up to perspective.  They just stuck in my head more after a period of time.
Bad luck to True Tears, Kyouran Kazokou Nikki, Toshokan Sensou and Macademi Wasshoi, which all narrowly missed out. But they were unable to defeat the combined powers of Taiga, Ami and Minorin!!!

As for the Figures, don’t worry. I’ll be doing an update for all my completed works and purchases over the last year at a later date.

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Another season, another batch of shows. The autumn is usually one of the bigger seasons since it comes off the back of several 26 ep shows as well as the standard 13 ep fares so there are quite a few shows compared to the last roundup.

But as always, I’ll do a quick rating of the previous season before going on to the new stuff!

Show of the Season: Macross Frontier

The battle for top show was surprisingly fierce, with several shows showing their stuff, but at the end of it all, Macross Frontier came out the clear winner.
It wasn’t without it’s flaws though! There were problems with the pacing and the ending was rushed but when you compare it with other shows and remember the good stuff, you can’t help but forgive it.

Sometimes the show faltered but it always picked itself up. Add the fact that the “curse of Kawamori” was absent and the fact that the music was awesome (so awesome, I’m buying the OSTs. Haven’t done that since Gundam Seed!). Yoko Kanno did very VERY good work! Personally, I was more of a Sheryl/May’n fan than a Ranka/Nakajima Megumi fan but My fave songs were actually the duets. What bout my star @Formo is still my fave song with Lion and Iteza*Gogo Kyuu Ji Don’t be late coming in close behind. My only major complaint other than the pacing was the lack of resolution in the ending. They defeated the “big bad” but all the other sub plots were left alone. And they even did the criminal act of not resolving the love Triangle!!!!

Here’s hoping the planned movie fixes that! GoGo!! Sheryl!!!

Runners up: Allison & Lilia, Daughter of 20 Faces, Birdy the Mighty:decode (Arita Shion De arimasuuuuu)

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Man, it feels like I haven’t done one of these for ages!! But with the end of the first bunch of spring shows and the start of summer ones, it seems a good time to look back at what was good previously and what I’m looking forward to. Standard format, “awards” from the previous series first and then a list of what I will be watching this season

Best Show: Kamen no Maid Guy/Macross F

For the first time, we have a TIE! Normally, I would wait until the whole show is over before putting it in awards section, but Macross F was just that damn good!

As for maid guy, I haven’t seen a proper LOL comedy for quite some time. Normally, comedy shows would get a smile or muffled laughter but maid guy managed to get me laughing heartily almost every ep! “MAID GUY VOICE!”

Runners up: Allison&Lillia/Daughter of 20 Faces/Kyouran Kazoku nikki

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Bit of a mixed couple of days. As noted on several blogs already, it seems that the last 6 minutes of the next installment of Code Geass was leaked to the public.

According to bandai, it was an error which occurred while they were testing out a part of their bandai channel streaming system. Luckily, for all the Geass fans, it doesn’t seem that it has affected the broadcast schedule so ep 3 will still air this weekend, with only a few minor things spoiled. For example, Rollos Geass is time freeze.

Aside from being a pretty big hax, I expected something like that since watching Ep2. Afterall, a geass does not affect the actual user but allows them to influence others. A geass also doesn’t have any effect on anything mechanical so when the Vincent showed off it’s “teleport” maneuver, the first thing I thought of was “The World,” The stand of the main antagonist in Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

Afterall, it makes more sense that a geass could affect a person and cause him to stop moving temporarily as opposed to a whole knightmare frame teleporting to a safe distance.

And in other news, the next Super Robot Wars game has been announced!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Dubbed Super Robot Wars Z (no word if it stands for the last letter of the western alphabet or zeta yet), The game will most likely be the last game for the PS2. Rather fitting considering SRW alpha gaiden was also one of the very last PS1 games to be released.

I’m also glad that they stuck with the PS2 as I would be rather annoyed if they jumped on the wii bandwagon purely because it was the “in thing” like some other franchise (yeah I know they cited high development costs as the reason for jumping ship but then please explain to me why they would start developing a heavily online focused game like monster hunter for a console with by far the worst online system?).

Series confirmed for this outing are:

Overman King Gainer (karaoke, standby!)
The Big O (Woo!!)
The Big O Second Season
Zambot 3
Daitarn 3
MS Z Gundam
Char’s Counter Attack
Gundam X (YES!!!)
Turn A Gundam
MS Gundam SEED Destiny
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robo G
UFO Robo Grendizer
GOD Sigma
Sousei no Aquarion
Eureka Seven
Gravion Zwei

I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m looking forward to beating Shinn to hell and back. I don’t have any love for Kira Yamato but damn I hated Shinn…

And, unless realize comes back as the theme for the seed units, the King Gainer theme is going to be played on a loop while I play!! I mean, come on!!! It’s one of the greatest OPs ever!! It did the “dancing anime characters” bit long before it was considered “cool” in shows like Haruhi and lucky star.

More screens can be found






& here

Finally got round to watching Code Geass R2 episode 1 last night and I must admit that I was severely underwhelmed. Everything was there, the animation quality was acceptable and safe but it really didn’t grab me as I watched it.

One of the reasons was possibly because it was pretty much a rehash of the first episode of season 1, right down to the dead bodies at the end and Lelouche commanding the soldiers to kill themselves!

I was also annoyed by the fact that the series wasn’t really connected to the end of the first season. The show ended with a mountain of questions and we didn’t get a single answer or hint from the first ep of R2. It was almost stand alone. In fact, all it did was raise even more questions!!!! All I can say is, there had better be answers and damn soon!!! I mean, how can Lelouche conveniently forget that he is zero and lose his geass powers? How can Karen now accept Lelouche as Zero so readily when, at the end of the first season, she was on the verge of a breakdown when she found out?! And how the heck can Suzaku say to the emperor that he will kill zero when he couldn’t do it when he had a gun pointed at point blank range???!!!!

Still, there were some consolations…

I have no doubt that geass will pick up later but I wish the writers did a better job at linking things together instead of leaving so many loose ends all the time! But the sooner they change the OP and ED the better as they were awful!! Even the second OP from season 1 was better than this crap! Orange Road should be ashamed!

(EDIT: After watching ep 2, we actually DO get to find out what happened in the cave at the end of season 1!! and it lasts all of a few minutes!!! Seriously, couldn’t this have been put into the first ep? They also threw in a few more questions but at least they gave some answers this time. Though I still don’t understand how Karen can so readily accept Lelouche as zero given her actions and reactions in the cave. And the OP and ED still suck!)

As for Frontier…

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True to their word, Gonzo have released the first episode of their 2 shows, the tower of Druaga:The Aegis of Uruk and Blassreitter on several streaming video sites with english Subtitles. And Decent subs at that!!!

Having watched both, from first ep impressions Druaga would seem to be the better show. I was laughing all the way thru the show with it’s parodies of all the generic set pieces such as the prelude to death sections and the tentacle monster!

However, I’m doubtful that they will be able to maintain that sort of structure for the whole show so we’ll have a better picture of what the show will be like within the coming weeks.

In that sense, Blassreitter was a much more standard fare with the first ep giving you a basic idea of the world the show is set in and what to expect in later eps. It was a little disappointing (Gonzo over reliance on CG was evident here) but it seems interesting enough to keep up for another few weeks. So the streamed release with english subs were a success, Shame the same can’t be said for the downloading process.

Crunchyroll are providing avi files for download for those who want it with a “name your price” system similar to what radiohead did with their last album “in rainbows.” A good idea, afterall, no matter how convenient the streaming is, the quality will always be pretty damn poor. With the chance to download the file, viewers get the chance to watch the show in decent quality and keep a copy for themselves!!

At least that’s what supposed to happen!!! I tried to download the first ep of Blassreitter and it’s been a nightmare. Problems with paypal donations meant that I had to use my own card, which I would have preferred not to and after jumping through hoops, I got a download link to get the file, which DIDN’T WORK!!!

So at present, I have no file to watch!! I’m donating to thank gonzo for the show but if it was to donate soley for crunchyroll then I don’t think I’d even go to the site again, let alone donate! More testing should have been done to make sure that problems like this shouldn’t happen. I makes their site look really bad and it also reflects poorly on gonzo, even though they have nothing to do with the issue.

Gonzo, if you’re reading this (not stinking likely, but hey) next time you have a good idea like this one, make sure you partner up with people who can do this thing properly!!!!

For readers who want to donate and download the eps, DON’T!!! Wait it out until the problems are all fixed, if ever.
Shame really, if it went off without a hitch, this could have been a big step in the right direction for western anime distribution.

Yay! I finally have internet again!! Actually, I had it at the later half of last week, but I needed time to prepare new posts and, as luck would have it, the winter season just finished so here are my personal rankings for last season and what I will most likely be watching for the next. I normally write this a few weeks after the new season so I get a feel for the shows but I thought I’d make a change. Just this once.

Best Show: Shigofumi

OK, lets get this out of the way first, The winter season was a sea of mediocrity. the quality of shows varied but by the end of them all, there was not a single one which truly stood out  or were particularly memorable.

Shigofumi is no exception. However, due to it’s, frankly, incredible first few eps and interesting talking points, it stands above the rest. In fact, it was the closest to giving me the “must watch the next ep” feel out of all the shows (excluding Gundam 00 which wins outright on the basis of having mecha) .

Shigofumi was a really strange show which had some of the worst elements of storytelling (independent episodes) and made them work. In fact, the stand alone eps were often better than the ones which pushed the main storyline along! The rather cynical “look at the dark side of humanity”  idea is nothing new (Hell Girl comes to mind) but i felt that Shigofumi did a better job than the other shows using the same angle. I felt a little personal affinity for the characters in ep6 (the bullying ep) and the first 2 eps really were quite an incredible bit of storytelling.

Yet the eps which explained Fumikas past didn’t grab me like some of the other eps, which is why the show started sliding into mediocrity. How could it sustain itself if the main story felt weaker than the rest?

Nevertheless, there were some real gems in the 13 ep series which is why I call it the show of the season. It gave me the first “WTF!!??” moment I have had in a very long time, and that was in the first episode. I can honestly say that I did not see the end of ep1 coming. And that says a lot!!! Heck, I was able to predict most of the last 1/3rd of Mai HiME but that had me stumped! In a good way mind you, not the Mai Otome ” actually this girl is the missing princess. We pointed you towards this other character for most of the season but there was this major piece of evidence which negates all that and proves that our girl is the princess. BTW, we’re showing that evidence after the revelation!”

Man, that pissed me off…

Runner up: Gundam 00/Shakugan No Shana II

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Several Sites have already pointed out that a teaser trailer for the upcoming second season for Code geass has made it’s way onto youtube

Looks pretty good and a fair few people are already salivating over it. Myself? Well, I intend to watch it but it’s taken a distant second to a rival show which will be shown during the same season (though not necessarily the same time slot).

You may have heard of it, it’s called MACROSS FRONTIER!!!!!



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