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And finally, continuing on from last week, we have the other Hiiragi twin, Tsukasa. Here she is posing with Konata!

I held her back last week as there were a few gaps which needed filling and a little bit of cleanup to be done in a couple of areas. I also spent a little time on Konata, making the lines on the eyes tidier and also adding the mole under her left eye. Hurrah for ridiculously expensive rapidograph pens!!
I found it almost impossible to do with a paintbrush as the mark would always end up too big but the pen allowed me to have much greater control. It just feels like a bit of a waste to use it for something so trivial!

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How the heck did that one scene gain such notoriety? More over, did anyone actually remember watching said advert on TV when they were little?

While you ponder the answer to such a question, here’s everybodys favourite supergeek, Izumi Konata !!!

I worked on her in Tandem with Tsukasa but during the cleanup process, I found that Tsukasa required more work so I focused on Kagami in order to finish her off and the give Tsukasa more attention. Both should be 100% finished by next week.

I have to admit though, I feel that these 2 don’t quite stack up to my other works. I don’t know what it is but I don’t get the same level of satisfaction from working on these 2 compared to, say, Ignis or Yoko. Perhaps it may also be related to my indifference to the characters being painted (I worked on these 2 primarily to complete a set with Kagami) As a result, I feel that, on a personal level, I could have done better. There’s nothing wrong with their overall appearance, it’s just a nagging feeling that I have. What do you all think?

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I said that there wouldn’t be a weekly post during the Christmas week but it seems that hasn’t stopped other noteworthy stuff from appearing prior…
My long awaited play asia order arrived today, just in time for Christmas, bringing me Fate/Unlimited Codes and a little something else…

Of course, I bought the special edition of unlimted codes, along with Saber Lily. As for the box, It contains a figure which I ordered along with unlimited codes back in July so it’s taken a while to get here.
Both items will get a full review in the new year, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a little preview…

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After, what isn’t that long at all, here is the finished version Of Kagami.

The wip post can be found here:

part 1

Many thanks to the members of who helped out with some of the colour choices and assorted other observations. This could be called version 1.1 as I did have her finished last week but I was uncertain about a few points so asked around, seeing as I’m not a particularly big lucky star fan.
After collecting some of the more common ones I went back and tried several suggestions from members, which will be listed below.

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5 months is a long time. Just think what you can do it that allotted time? I finished 2 model kits, 3 Gunpla models and 4 video games in that time!

But with the end of the year rapidly approaching I found that there were several things which I wanted to do. One of these things was to do a figma/fraulein comparison, which I did a couple of weeks ago and another was to show off my final entry into the Shuraki line, Rize!!
She’s been patiently waiting for a chance to shine and that time is now!

By now, you’re in 1 of 3 camps

1) you weren’t interested in the shuraki line to begin with

2) you already own her

3) you’re trying very hard to find one which isn’t going to rape your wallet!!

In light of this, I’m going to forgoe the usual review and keep it short and sweet, keeping to just some choice points about her.

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I had planned to do a full figma Vs Fraulein post for a while now, but it wasn’t until I was reminded that Fate/unlimited codes will be coming in a few weeks (along with Saber Lily) that I realised that I should really get on with it, but before I progress with the comparison, it only felt fair to give the figmas I already own a time to shine.

It also gives me a change to bring the blog back, kicking and screaming, back to what it was originally set up for, Figures!!!!

I bought figma saber and Kanu around the same time a few months ago but never got around to posting them. My last Shuraki figure (Rize) and asuka on bike are also in limbo, waiting for their chance to come out and pose. but for now, I’ll take the 2 on one at a time. First up Saber.

From the looks of things, Figmas are far more popular that frauleins outside of japan (I’m not sure what the situation is like inside the land of the rising figure collections) so I thought I should get at least one to see what the fuss is about.

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As does the School swimming team member, Shirley Fenette!!!

Those of you who have been following her progress regularly may have noted that her progress went in quite steep jumps and this post is no exception. From just a completed base to a completed figure in 2 weeks. It would have been sooner but I decided to redo the last part at the last minute.
This post is going to be a little pic intensive compared to the last few as there are a few more things to mention about this kit and also because the kit itself is incredibly boring!! Had I decided not to do the added effects, Shirley would have been finished in a week. 2 weeks tops!!

I guess you could say that it would make a very good beginners kit as there is very little to worry about in the build or painting process. No complex parts, very little issues with colours and, aside from the front hair section (which I will go into a bit later), Shirley was really easy to put together too!!

For those who missed the first (and only) build post regarding how I did the base, it can be found here.

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Thought I would take this opportunity to get some of my backlog out of the way while I try and finish off this little thing I’m doing for my next painting project (a part of me wishes that I never started, but I can’t back down now…). There’s still me E2046 Asuka on bike and 2 Figmas in the backlog so I don’t have to worry about content for a while.
So in light of that, I thought I would show off the last remaining 2 members of my Shuraki set. This post will be for Mei Feng. Rize will follow in a later post but first, GROUP SHOT!!!

I tried a few different things with my photo setup this time. What do the readers think? Do you like how it turned out? Or do you prefer the slightly warmer feel of previous setup, which can be seen on my previous posts?
Some pics came out a bit blurred but I think that’s a prob with my camera. It’s kinda old now and has had a fair share of knocks, so it may be time to invest in a new one…

And surely, the Shuraki name must have one of the most incorrect names for the series. It’s not on the same level as 12 iterations of game with the word final in it (yes, I am aware of the story that the first game was the make or break title for squaresoft, hence the title) or Infinite undiscovery being one of the shortest RPGs I have ever played with very little to discover, but why call this series Shuraki Trinity? where’s the trinity part exactly?

In any case, Mei Feng here, was the 2nd figure in the series. I missed the initial batch so I had to get her when she was released as a 2nd batch. Even so, it was back in march when she arrived…

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And so, 3 months after starting her, she’s now completed! Here’s Ignis from Cerberus Project!

It feels like forever since I last did a post like this, even though it’s almost exactly 3 months since I started work on her, a far cry from my longest time spent on a figure (a record held, like most others, by my Bunny Haruhi) but it has been a while since my last resin kit, which was Yoko way back in April! Unless you count my Liquidstone Fate

As usual, here are the links to the previous build posts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

One of the best things about a kit with such a dynamic pose is that you almost get a completely different feel with each shot from a different angle.

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Borrowing a phrase from JFK this time to kick things off. I thought it would be good to get rid of some of the standard figure backlog before moving on to something more meaty.

This is not a sneaky way to hide the fact that I havent’t been working on Ignis recently. *whistles* She’s actually at photograph-able level now but I still think more work needs to be done. At the risk of sounding like 3D realms when asked about Duke Nukem Forever or Sony when asked about Home, She’ll be ready when she’s ready (but possibly next week. Although this isn’t a line from Sony or 3D Realms).

But for now, I thought I would show off a couple of relative oldies now. The first batch of Fraulein revoltechs Rei and Asuka! If you need help finding out where they’re from, I suggest you stop reading this blog, it’s not for you.

For the brief history lesson, Fraulein is an attempt from the Kaiyodo (the makers of revoltech) to create a posable figure which doesn’t have joints showing up everywhere and destroying the appearance of the figure. I guess their main rival would be Figma, but figma went a slightly different route.

I’ll be doing a full comparison between Figmas and Frauleins at a later date, but for today, the stage is for these 2 only.

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