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And now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

After a flurry of games reviews, it’s time to get back to what this blog was initially set up for, the Model kits!! And it’s not like I’ve been lazy while playing hours of Streetfighter 4 and Resi 5. Some of you may remember my little purchase of Mirei san, from back in January.

And you may also remember that I was considering modifying the poor thing to give it some legs. Well, I’ve made a bit of a start…

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Another really minor update today, just showing off the final parts of the body and the start of the heads.

At least the hair shouldn’t present any problems. Again, the stripes on the uniforms provided several annoying moments and they still require further cleaning after all this!!!

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Just a minor update for this week to show that Konata and Tsukasa are making progress.

As they are similar in look to Kagami, a lot of the problems faced thus far are the same as the ones I faced with Kagami, and they managed to throw in a few new tricks in there as well.

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With Kagami out the way, next on my list are 2 of the remaining stooges, Konata and Tsukasa!

This was the prebuild pic, before I started sanding the parts down and priming. The good thing is that Tsukasa looks to be the same scale as my Kagami, unfortuately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Konata, despite the scale is being advertised as the same (Tsukasas scale wasn’t mentioned so I did it by height) but it definitely has the best pose of all the Kona kits I’ve seen thus far. The priming and cleaning has all been done now, so all that’s left is the paintjob.
Having said that, the build process was… Painful to say the least.

These 2 were recasts from E2046 and almost perfect examples for the reasons why I dislike buying recasts. It’s more of a dig at their suppliers rather than at E2046 themselves, since I’ve had other recasts from them before which didn’t have these issues but they were quite numerous and difficult this time round.

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Despite having an abundance of great games to suck away my time (though I recently finished the best one, Valkyria chronicles) I have managed to fit in a little time to do some model work. Currently, I’m working on the first of 3 Lucky star figures and here’s where I have gotten up to so far.

This particular number will be Kagami, the most undeserved winner of Saimoe since the competition first started.

This kit marks a slight difference in my modus operandi as I don’t really care much for Lucky star or it’s characters, which is against my usual criteria when looking for kits to build. The reasons why will be revealed later.
There isn’t much left to do now, I still have the hair to do but the kit itself was pretty simple to put together (no prebuild pic I’m afraid as I totally forgot about it)

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I wasn’t planning on doing the grand unveil but since Yik outed it in the last post after I told him about it in person, I didn’t see the point of holding it back. Here’s what the finished base after some serious bits of work…

And here’s the figure that will go with it!

This particular Shirley kit was sold at the summer wonderfestival 2007 and I snapped it up at a (relatively) cheap price. It got a fair bit of attention at the event too, probably because it’s a really cute interpretation of one of the better Geass girls. Even Danny Choo got into it!

Unfortunately, once I actually got my hands on it, one thing became painfully clear. The kit, while very cute was also very VERY boring!!! I really have to wonder about the school swimsuit fetish after this one.
Anyway, after being heavily inspired by this model by Cody Kwok, I thought I would try and spice up the figure by making a custom base to suit the figure. And thus I embarked on my most ambitious mod to date!

Want to know how I did it? Read on!

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A relatively minor update this week due to a variety of issues such as 1) me going through a state of mild melancholy, 2) hayfever is a bitch and makes it hard for me to focus 3) you guessed it, more MGS4!

Having said that, it’s still a milestone for the kit as there isn;t that much left to do now, just weapons and the head. Oh, and the mother of all cleanups!

On a completely different note, these recent changes to wordpress are godawful! Bring back the old style dammit!!! I don’t like the built-in uploader!!

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Bit of a late post this week (blame MGS4. Just started playing it after buying it last weekend!)

Anyway, After the fun that was liquidstone fate, I went back to my main project of Ignis. Good thing too, because it wasn’t until recently that I was able to complete enough of her to make sure that these shots would be safe for work (remember, this Cerberus project kit is cast off!)

So this is where I’ve gotten to so far.

After the base, I thought it would be plain sailing. How wrong was I? The legs proved to be much harder than I had anticipated. Primarily because the black buckles made the light stockings a pain to paint (because of all the masking) and the general detailing meant that I had alot of masking fluid to use, which complicated matters when removing it.

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It’s been a while since I did a simple progress post, but I have been working steadily on my cerberus project Ignis so I thought an update would be good.

And so I came to realize that the 1 thing which I was fearing regarding this kit as a major obstacle was, in truth, rather easy… It was the other parts I should have kept an eye on…

Anyways, here’s a look at how I did the base!

When I started it, I had no clue as to how I was going to get my desired effect so I simply painted the whole thing in a deep red colour. I figured it was a good base to work on. I also lightly sprayes dome pink on the tongue-like tentacle thinking that I would eventually need to distinguish it from the rest of the base. The horns were covered in masking tape as it would be easier to paint over the primer than the very dark colours which the rest of the base would eventually become.

Next I sprayed the whole think with a thin layer of purple. Hey, purple seemed appropriate for the base (in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I was totally winging this up to this point)

But there wasn’t much difference after the purple spray so I decided to go further and add some dark blue into the mix.

Getting closer, but it was still lacking something. But at this point I got stuck. So after scratching my head
and getting rather annoyed I went on a bit of a self destructive (and somewhat crazy) idea. After finding a bottle of black wash (really really thin paint basically). I thought I would liberally apply it to the base. By that time I didn’t really care how it turned out because I was just messing about and planning what I was going to do on my second try. The Black wash was a pretty damn bad idea though because it clumped together and just became a black blob which covered everything, so I decided to rub as much of it off as I could. Then something cool happened…

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And so, what it my main project at the moment? This…

Ignis from Cerberus Project. You know? the one which Yamato has recently announced that they were going to make into a PVC kit?

Man, I still remember the hard time I had trying to find one of these babies after last years summer Wonderfestival. Had to pay a pretty penny for it as well! And now it’s coming out as a cheap PVC… orz

well, good luck to them. They’re probably going to need it (yes, I am a little bitter about the announcement. This is the first kit I have bought which has been (or rather will be) converted into a PVC figure, which lowers it’s overall value). The pic above shows the model after pinning and most of the flash removed and sanded out. There are some seam lines left which will need to be taken care of, but cleanup has been pretty good this time round.

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