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With Kagami out the way, next on my list are 2 of the remaining stooges, Konata and Tsukasa!

This was the prebuild pic, before I started sanding the parts down and priming. The good thing is that Tsukasa looks to be the same scale as my Kagami, unfortuately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Konata, despite the scale is being advertised as the same (Tsukasas scale wasn’t mentioned so I did it by height) but it definitely has the best pose of all the Kona kits I’ve seen thus far. The priming and cleaning has all been done now, so all that’s left is the paintjob.
Having said that, the build process was… Painful to say the least.

These 2 were recasts from E2046 and almost perfect examples for the reasons why I dislike buying recasts. It’s more of a dig at their suppliers rather than at E2046 themselves, since I’ve had other recasts from them before which didn’t have these issues but they were quite numerous and difficult this time round.

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The weekend saw The hobby complex event being held. Sort of a smaller version of Wonderfestival, this years event held a bit more significance as many resin kit sellers have gone there due to winter wonderfestival being cancelled, although the summer event is still on.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate and the time of the year, I don’t think I’ll be going for any of the figures this time round. Just as well that there are none which scream “must have” to me. There were a few head turners, but nothing I can’t manage without.

Danny Choo has good coverage and provides links to other reports. GA Graphics also has a few very good galleries up.

Out of the the figures I’ve seen, the only interesting ones are :

Sheryl Nome and

Saber Lily.

Both very nice but not screaming “must get” for myself. Perhaps that will change, but for now I’ll pass.

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I said that there wouldn’t be a weekly post during the Christmas week but it seems that hasn’t stopped other noteworthy stuff from appearing prior…
My long awaited play asia order arrived today, just in time for Christmas, bringing me Fate/Unlimited Codes and a little something else…

Of course, I bought the special edition of unlimted codes, along with Saber Lily. As for the box, It contains a figure which I ordered along with unlimited codes back in July so it’s taken a while to get here.
Both items will get a full review in the new year, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a little preview…

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I actually completely forgot about the competition, which ended on Tuesday, despite actually having my own entry so this post is a little late.

After entering my Shirley into the contest I stopped paying attention although when the entries were being uploaded, I purposely chose not to view them, just in case I started getting an inferiority complex from looking at the really well painted entries, and there were quite a few!!

But now the votes have been tallied and the top 3 have been chosen. So who was the winner?


Uesugi Kenshin from Eroge Sengoku Rance, The character to finally displace Saber as the most popular eroge heroine (although that may have changed by now).
This entry was from a Hong Kong member who goes under the name blackdog and, although I don’t really rate the base model (as it’s a bit too much on the ero side for my tastes), I think he’s a worthy winner.

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After, what isn’t that long at all, here is the finished version Of Kagami.

The wip post can be found here:

part 1

Many thanks to the members of who helped out with some of the colour choices and assorted other observations. This could be called version 1.1 as I did have her finished last week but I was uncertain about a few points so asked around, seeing as I’m not a particularly big lucky star fan.
After collecting some of the more common ones I went back and tried several suggestions from members, which will be listed below.

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5 months is a long time. Just think what you can do it that allotted time? I finished 2 model kits, 3 Gunpla models and 4 video games in that time!

But with the end of the year rapidly approaching I found that there were several things which I wanted to do. One of these things was to do a figma/fraulein comparison, which I did a couple of weeks ago and another was to show off my final entry into the Shuraki line, Rize!!
She’s been patiently waiting for a chance to shine and that time is now!

By now, you’re in 1 of 3 camps

1) you weren’t interested in the shuraki line to begin with

2) you already own her

3) you’re trying very hard to find one which isn’t going to rape your wallet!!

In light of this, I’m going to forgoe the usual review and keep it short and sweet, keeping to just some choice points about her.

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Despite having an abundance of great games to suck away my time (though I recently finished the best one, Valkyria chronicles) I have managed to fit in a little time to do some model work. Currently, I’m working on the first of 3 Lucky star figures and here’s where I have gotten up to so far.

This particular number will be Kagami, the most undeserved winner of Saimoe since the competition first started.

This kit marks a slight difference in my modus operandi as I don’t really care much for Lucky star or it’s characters, which is against my usual criteria when looking for kits to build. The reasons why will be revealed later.
There isn’t much left to do now, I still have the hair to do but the kit itself was pretty simple to put together (no prebuild pic I’m afraid as I totally forgot about it)

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I promised to do one of these comparison posts since I bought my first figmas several months ago! I think the only thing which surprises me more than how long it took me to write this post is the fact that, as far as I can tell, nobody else has even tried to do the same!!!

Whenever this topic comes up, it always seems that the model of choice is always Figma, and I wonder why? Is the series that much better than fraulein?  So, to satiate my curiosity, I decided to compare the ones I have, from design to posability. The accessories for the figures won’t be counted although the way they are placed on the figures may be.

The main bulk of this post will be comparing Figma Kanu to Fraulein Asuka but just for a bit of fun, I though we would start with comparing Figma Saber to the original Revoltech Saber (the one which was released before the fraulein series was announced).

Match 1: Revoltech vs Figma

Given the age of the original Revoltech saber, one would think that figma saber would have at least a few advantages over her older sister.

From a design perspective, Figma definitely has the upper hand here. Aside from keeping to a look more like the original design, the figma design also hides the shoulder joints far more effectively and generally makes the figure look less bulky.

Note, however, that while the figma is less bulky, that doesn’t mean that the overall design is any more or less correct. Armour is meant to be bulky afterall, and without it, you are left with…

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I had planned to do a full figma Vs Fraulein post for a while now, but it wasn’t until I was reminded that Fate/unlimited codes will be coming in a few weeks (along with Saber Lily) that I realised that I should really get on with it, but before I progress with the comparison, it only felt fair to give the figmas I already own a time to shine.

It also gives me a change to bring the blog back, kicking and screaming, back to what it was originally set up for, Figures!!!!

I bought figma saber and Kanu around the same time a few months ago but never got around to posting them. My last Shuraki figure (Rize) and asuka on bike are also in limbo, waiting for their chance to come out and pose. but for now, I’ll take the 2 on one at a time. First up Saber.

From the looks of things, Figmas are far more popular that frauleins outside of japan (I’m not sure what the situation is like inside the land of the rising figure collections) so I thought I should get at least one to see what the fuss is about.

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So I went to the Eurogamer Expo held at the old brewery in London as part of a small group of friends and had a go on a fair few games which are due for release soon. In some ways, it was similar to the live event I went to a while back, except it didn’t suck!

But I thought I would share my thoughts about the games I played while I was there. While not a complete list, I did manage to play a fair amount…

Read on for my opinion on Mirrors Edge, Resistance 2, Gears of War 2 and others.

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