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Yay, my first full post of 2008!

Not really much to say at this point, other than a quick post to display the kits and figures I received around the Christmas period

So, that would be a

  • 1/100 Alteisen
  • MG Destiny gundam
  • MG unicorn gundam
  • 1/35 Lancelot
  • Yoko “vs Tepparin” ver
  • Yoko “vs antispiral” ver

Alongside my kits from way back at wonderfestival, my “to do” list looks something like this…

C.C is represented by a photo as she was taking a parts bath at the time (hint: I’m working on her now!)

So, during 2008, I hope to work steadily and finish FOUR of the above!!!

Ok, pick yourself up from the floor and I will explain my reasoning. Last year, I finished a total of 3 kits. Bunny Haruhi, Getsumento Heiki Mina, and Strike Freedom. Admittedly, bunny Haruhi did take much longer than any previous kit and i did take an extended break after completing her but the grand total is still only 3.

I’m not sure how regularly I will be able to work on my figures this year so I’m simply hedging my bets. I could realistically say i could finish 5 or 6 kits but you never know what may happen so I’m playing it safe. That way, if I do manage more than what I set out to do, I can feel pleased with myself!!

I should really buy fewer kits before my build list gets out of hand, but with winter wonderfestival next month and 2 more figures awaiting shipping, I think it’s a bit late for that. I recently purchased a rozen maiden set from e2046 during their sale, mainly as a way to test the quality of their recasts. I’m also interested in their “gathering” series as everyone raves about them, I’m interested to see how one of my works stacks up to theirs in my critical eye.

In any case, lets start the way we mean to carry on. At the time of writing, C.C is cleaned, sanded and undergoing priming so look forward to progress reports soon!

Late news, but in any case…


Gunota has confirmed that the next Master grade kit after the release of destiny will be Gundam Unicorn, a main mecha from a novel which is currently being serialised in gundam Ace magazine.

From what we have been told, the unicorn will be able to switch from it’s normal mode to the more traditional looking “destroy mode.”From the pic above, my guess is that the transformation will be done with replacing parts as opposed to sliding them to open the mecha up.


For those who have not seen the unicorn, here’s the promo which was shown at chara hobby 07. It has a brief showing of an animated unicorn at the end when it transforms into it’s destroy mode.



I will probably get one out of curiosity, but I am left to question why Bandai have chosen to release a master grade kit of a unit which is still very new and not as widely recognized as others in the franchise which have yet to receive the MG treatment and probably isn’t yet as popular.


Or in other words, “Where’s my MG V2 Assault buster gundam, DAMMIT!!!!”

Gunota has posted that the 101st Master grade Gundam kit will be the Destiny gundam from gundam seed destiny.

I’m sure more ppl will be happier with that announcement than the Turn A one, but I feel a little underwhelmed by the announcement.

I would have much preferred an announcement for a MG Assault buster V2 gundam or even Double X. Heck, I would have started drooling over an infinite justice MG!!!

That’s not to say that the destiny is a bad unit, it’s just that there are others I would much prefer to have as an MG. I bet it’ll have some action stand for combat poses against Strike freedom tho!!

*Edit* It appears that Bandai are going to do the Strike freedom thing with destiny as well. Sources say there will be 2 versions of destiny when it is released, with a more expensive, special edition version having the destiny “wings of light”

Source: Gunota

From all my previous posts of my model kits you would think that I only do figures! well, that is actually wrong. My first love has been and always will be mecha. And when you mention mecha, one has to mention mobile suit gundam!!!

So anyways, Here is a quick overview of all my completed gundam kits at present. I still have a few more but they aren’t built yet. Click on the pics for bigger versions

Quite a few, right? well, this is the result of almost 7 years of collecting (I say as though it’s a valid excuse…). Close ups and breakdown of kits after the jump!

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