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She’s finally finished. The last bits were only really minor (just a few really small detailing and panel lines) but I didn’t want to do a photoshoot until everything was complete. But here it is. After over a year since I actually purchased it, here’s ALTEISEN!!!

This one is the 1/100 scale model kit of the original Alt, not the upgraded riese (which is pretty much unmakable anyway) from Kotobukiya. At present, I believe there are only 3 1/100 kits in the SRW line. Alt, R-1 and Wildwurger.

While building the kit, it quickly becomes apparent that Kotobukiya still have a way to go before matching the kings of this type of model kit, bandai.
The jump to 1/100 scale did solve a few issues which I had hangups on with the 1/144 kits I have built but for the most part, the strengths of the 1/144 kits show up in the 1/100 Alt, but also a lot of the problems…

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I actually had this all prepared last week and was going to do a double post with the Valkyria chronicles review but various the DNS problem and various other things got in the way.

So here it is, a week late but still kicking. Here’s Destiny Gundam!

Rather embarrassingly, I bought this kit when it was released last christmas or thereabouts but only got around to building it recently, spurred on by the imminent arrival of my MG infinite justice gundam.
The parts were washed and sprayed while still on the sprue to provide it with a minor paint job, and that is why the grey parts of the kit appear darker than how it otherwise would. I decided on a slightly darker shade to distinguish it more fully from Strike Freedom. Aside from that, There were just a few touchups with panel lines and that was it.

The kit was also the full burst version which came with the wings of light and silver joints. I didn’t mind the silver as much as the gold ones, so I kept them in.

I must admit that I’m not that big a fan of the destiny gundam, although I do like it more than Strike Freedom. Part of my lack of enthusiasm stems from the fact that it’s just all the impluse/strike gundam packs rolled into 1, something the freedom gundam was meant to be originally. It’s just the timing, after having 2 gundams with all the packs over 2 series, having one which combines them all just feels like “too little, too late” in terms of design. Giving it a God finger like attack and V gundam-esque wings of light didn’t help much either.

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Thought I would take a little break from figure making and go back to a quick spot of mecha building. And so, taking into account the fact that I am spending a little time in the boonies (Wales) along with the majority of my gundam collection, I thought I would take advantage of the fact and build the Launcher/Sword Striker pack so I could pose it with my Aile Strike Gundam.

Introducing (rather late but meh) The Strike angels. *cue cheesy 70s music*

Excuse the poor photos. I didn’t have access to my usual tools for the group shots.

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I think everyone who has seen the nadesico movie have the same opinion of it. (it was pretty poo) but there were some good points. Personally, I liked the Astromeras which was seen very close to the end at the “concert” but the main mecha was, without a doubt, the black Sarena. Piloted by everyones favourite cook Akito Tenkawa (oh wait, was that a spoiler?).

This model was released in March and is part of the Soul Of Chogokin line. Normally, the SoC line deals mostly with super robots but they created a special line for the “real” robots called the SPEC line. Currently, it’s dominated by the Evangelion mecha but they also have Dragonar Unit 1 and SPT Layzner in the lineup as well.

The black sarena is the latest release in the line which offers the same attention to detail and die cast construction one expects from the main Soul of Chogokin line. So how does it fare?

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On another break from working on C.C (I’m now on the part I dislike most, the eyes! Although, at this point, I’ll take anything over having to spray the body white again) and I have managed to finish the brother unit of WildFalken. This is WildWurger!!

Wildwurger is a mecha which is geared towards mid/close range combat. It’s purpose is to smash through the enemies while WildFalken provides long range support from behind. The 2 units also have a joint attack called the Twin Bird Strike. Both units have appeared in the same games Thus far.

Unsurprisingly, considering the closeness of the 2 units, the pilot of Wildwurger, Arado Balanga, is very close to Seolla, the pilot of WildFalken

That’s the background info, now for more pics and model review!!

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Painting parts the same colour is boring! Esp whey you have to do it several times in order to get a good finish! And that’s where I find myself with C.C. Although things have progressed a little further that that now, but in my sheer boredom of painting large pieces white and then white again, I decided to start on WildFalken which I bought from orbital Manga on Saturday.

Then I started thinking, just how quickly could I finish a kit and give it a full works in terms of a paintjob?

Then answer, Less than 1/2 a day. Or more precisely, I began working on Falken at roughly 5:30pm on Sunday afternoon and finished at 1am Monday morning. So that’s 7 1/2 hrs, factoring in points just as having a meal, reading manga while waiting for paint to dry, working on C.C simultaneously, etc I’d say less than 5hrs of work.

The result?

For those who do not know where this gorgeous mecha is from, this is WildFalken from the Super robot wars series. It made it’s debut in SRW alpha 2 and has since been seen in SRW alpha 3, Original Generation 2, OGS and OG Gaiden. It’s one half of a pair with WildWurger forming the other half (Yes, I have Wurger too) and is Piloted By Seolla Schweizer. The 2 are designed to work in tandem, with Wurger acting as short/mid ranged attacker and Falken providing long range support.

But enough of the history lesson, More pics!!

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Man, this project was a mission…

Actually, it was finished on Wed evening, but I was too tired to take pics. But it’s all over now. I present Strike Freedom!!

For any budding modelers out there, a word of advice, make sure you have PLENTY of paint so you don’t get frustrated twiddling your thumbs while waiting for more to arrive!!

For those interested, previous posts for this project can be found

 Here (part 1)

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Here (Part 3)

and here (part 4)

Comparison pics and other poses after the jump.

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They say that patience is a virtue… Sometimes, maybe not so, but in any case, Orbital Manga finally managed to get in my revolvtech Dangaioh!! (thanks guys!)

This would be my 3rd revolvtech but there was no way I was going to say no to a figure of one of my favourite mecha designs of all time!! In fact, I think this may be the only figure of this mecha! Aside from the revolvtech dangaioh and a couple of resin kits of the female pilots and possibly a fix pose version of the mecha itself which can be found in the recesses of Yahoo! Japan Auction, I don’t think there is any dangaioh merchandise out there! I would love to see a fully transformable version!! In any case, review and more pics after the jump! Click on the pics for larger versions!

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