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The problem with sticking to a mostly 1-post-per-week format, primarily to try and ensure a fairly regular update pattern, is that one can easily end up with a considerable backlist of figures which are “forgotten” in the sense that they don’t get a chance to go on the blog.

This can be OK if the figure is a mass produced PVC figure and many others in the blogsphere have taken up the cause but what if it isn’t? what if it’s something very few people seem to have or isn’t shown often and it deserves a place in the sun?
Case in point…

This little number is Asuka Langly Soryu riding a race bike (which my friend believes is based off a ducati model, for any bike fans out there) and is a resin kit which was sculpted many moons ago by vispo.

Now, aside from the obvious links of the post title to the model, one could also link the band (AC*DC for those who don’t know) to the sculptor as recently, vispo has also been turning into a bit of a “one trick pony” (back in black, anyone?) but I digress.

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