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Never thought I’d actually have a use for this pic…

But yes, After a rather random encounter, I have been graciously been given Free hosting on the relatively new Kokido Kombine by it’s gracious webhost, 7.
So this is goodbye to

The new blog should be pretty much functional now and I’ve kept the layout so far so it should look all familiar to the regular readers. No doubt, since I am now free from the restrictions of wordpress, I’ll be experimenting with the layout at a later date but for now, I will need to ask everyone who visits to go to the new URL and if you are linked to my blog and/or use the RSS feed, please update the address. It is now:

I will be posting on the new one from now on but the original will still be around and the posts and comments have been migrated already. I’ll be updating the RSS feeds which I know of shortly.
Not much else to say but “see you on the other side!”




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