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As does the School swimming team member, Shirley Fenette!!!

Those of you who have been following her progress regularly may have noted that her progress went in quite steep jumps and this post is no exception. From just a completed base to a completed figure in 2 weeks. It would have been sooner but I decided to redo the last part at the last minute.
This post is going to be a little pic intensive compared to the last few as there are a few more things to mention about this kit and also because the kit itself is incredibly boring!! Had I decided not to do the added effects, Shirley would have been finished in a week. 2 weeks tops!!

I guess you could say that it would make a very good beginners kit as there is very little to worry about in the build or painting process. No complex parts, very little issues with colours and, aside from the front hair section (which I will go into a bit later), Shirley was really easy to put together too!!

For those who missed the first (and only) build post regarding how I did the base, it can be found here.

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And so, 3 months after starting her, she’s now completed! Here’s Ignis from Cerberus Project!

It feels like forever since I last did a post like this, even though it’s almost exactly 3 months since I started work on her, a far cry from my longest time spent on a figure (a record held, like most others, by my Bunny Haruhi) but it has been a while since my last resin kit, which was Yoko way back in April! Unless you count my Liquidstone Fate

As usual, here are the links to the previous build posts

Part 1

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Part 4

One of the best things about a kit with such a dynamic pose is that you almost get a completely different feel with each shot from a different angle.

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