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Another season, another batch of shows. The autumn is usually one of the bigger seasons since it comes off the back of several 26 ep shows as well as the standard 13 ep fares so there are quite a few shows compared to the last roundup.

But as always, I’ll do a quick rating of the previous season before going on to the new stuff!

Show of the Season: Macross Frontier

The battle for top show was surprisingly fierce, with several shows showing their stuff, but at the end of it all, Macross Frontier came out the clear winner.
It wasn’t without it’s flaws though! There were problems with the pacing and the ending was rushed but when you compare it with other shows and remember the good stuff, you can’t help but forgive it.

Sometimes the show faltered but it always picked itself up. Add the fact that the “curse of Kawamori” was absent and the fact that the music was awesome (so awesome, I’m buying the OSTs. Haven’t done that since Gundam Seed!). Yoko Kanno did very VERY good work! Personally, I was more of a Sheryl/May’n fan than a Ranka/Nakajima Megumi fan but My fave songs were actually the duets. What bout my star @Formo is still my fave song with Lion and Iteza*Gogo Kyuu Ji Don’t be late coming in close behind. My only major complaint other than the pacing was the lack of resolution in the ending. They defeated the “big bad” but all the other sub plots were left alone. And they even did the criminal act of not resolving the love Triangle!!!!

Here’s hoping the planned movie fixes that! GoGo!! Sheryl!!!

Runners up: Allison & Lilia, Daughter of 20 Faces, Birdy the Mighty:decode (Arita Shion De arimasuuuuu)

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