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For those who have been collecting Gunpla for a while, you may remember that bandai had an extra line of models above the master grade. Called the Perfect grade, this small number of kits were the cream of the crop in terms of gunpla. 1/60 scale and with a level of detail and poseability which was, until recently, unmatched by the other grades.

Time passed and the High Grade 1/100 kits became more and more like the master grade kits of old in terms of details and posability while the Master Grades took ideas from the Perfect grade line, although never reaching the heights seen before. But that left the PG line pretty much stagnant. The last new Kit in the perfect grade line was the Strike gundam which was released way back in November 2004. They followed it up with the strike rouge (a repaint with skygrasper and aile pack) a year later and then nothing…

Fans like myself have probably been questioning if bandai had abandoned the PG line in favour of the MG. Afterall, the latest MG kits do have ridiculous pose options and provide a fair amount of inner detail. The inner frame design seen in all MG kits since the god gundam came from the PG line afterall…
But after 3 years of silence, we finally have an answer to the question, and that answer is a resounding NO!!!
It was announced a while back but now bandai have updated their site and made it 100% official. We’re getting a NEW PERFECT GRADE KIT!!

And it’s RED FRAME!!!

Thanks to Subaruhess over at for the heads up.

Personally, I’m really happy about the news since this is the first PG kit in 3 years!! Think of how many MG kits have been released in that time! heck, we’ve had 2 full gundam series aired since the last PG with another still going!

The cynic in me is a little disappointed in the choice of mobile suit, since the PG instructions for the strike gundam showed that it shared a lot of parts with the other original seed gundams (except Aegis) and the Astray frames, so don’t be surprised if Red frame shares a large number of parts with the PG strike gundam.
But in any case, I’ll be buying one of these, and a PG strike rouge and, of course, the studio halfeye Dangaioh!!!

Economic uncertainty and my bank balance be damned!!!

Red Frame is slated for a march 09 release.



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