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This will be the last one for a while, Honest (unless Madworld turns out to be super amazing. Poor thing, a game for the wii “gamers” and not selling well at all. Then there’s the attack from some old fogey group who lamented it’s release as showing that nintendo are abandoning their “family machine” status…)

But this post isn’t to talk about Madworld and the idiocy of the wii users, it’s about Resident evil 5!!!

Now, I’ve been a pretty big fan of the resident evil series, having owned (and completed several times over) every version of the main franchise. From the original PS1 game, to Code veronica on the dreamcast to resi 4 for the Gamecube (as well as PS2 and Wii) I’ve enjoyed each on to varying degrees but I like to think I have a reasonably good idea on what to expect from a resi game.

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Firstly, I suppose I have 2 apologies to make. The first one is to say sorry about the late post. Unfortunately, that’s not much I can do about that one as it’s down to my ISP having some flakey DNS server issues for the last week. looks to be ongoing too…

The second apology is for writing 2 games reviews in 2 weeks. I’m guessing most visitors are more interested in my model projects than these but I just had to write a review for Valkyria as
1) it’s freaking brilliant!!! and
2) for the first time since, i think ever, Europe got something before the US!!!!
Maybe Europe is no longer considered the anus of the videogame world!! Perhaps it’s moved up a little!!! Yup, we are no longer the anus, we are now the rectum!!!

Joking aside, any fan of strategy RPGs or strategy in general really should pick this game up!

The game follows a small ragtag group of army recruits as they fight to defend their country from an invasion by an aggressive country. You choose 20 units from a pool (although some characters are fixed) and march them into battle.
When in a battle, the field is displayed top  down until you select a unit. Once selected, it changes to a 3rd person perspective and you control the characters movements and attacks. Movements are restricted by action points. You are free to use them however you wish but there is a limited number of them. You could use several on 1 unit, which allows them to move and attack several times, but the distance they can move decreases with each additional action point used.

The game roughly follows a rock/paper/scissors system with units. Footsoldiers are good against heavy artillery (called lancers) which are good against tanks which are good against footsoldiers.
You have more specialized units such as snipers, engineers and scouts but for the most part, you will only be using shocktroopers and scouts.

That’s the basics out of the way, so how is it?

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In a rather pleasant shock, Megaman 9 is now available for European gamers on the PSN!!!!! We also get Wipeout HD!!!!

Looks like Sony managed yet another worldwide simultaneous release (which makes their gaffes like no Soul calibur 4 custom parts that much more pathetic) for the blue bomber and so megaman 9 is now available to purchase as part of the weekly thursday updates.

And just  for the icing, the time difference between countries means that the UK gets it earlier than the US on PSN as the stores get updated at 5pm local time!

The wii version is expected tomorrow as part of their weekly update (No, I don’t know why the US updates on monday and Europe on Fri.  Chalk it down to Nintendos old fashioned, yet still current trend of treating the european market like a toilet) and the 360 should be on Oct 1st as planned.

I don’t know about you guys but I think MM9 is even harder than the previous games. MM2 is so much easier!!!

Not really much to say about wipeout. You should all know the score for that one!



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