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Is it that time already? Well, since I’m away from all my major systems for a while I actually have the time to sit down and do one of these roundups, otherwise I would be hitting valkyria chronicles like crack in preparation for the DLC which is released very soon!!
But I should spend a little time reflecting on what was an interesting season with no great shows but quite a few entertaining ones. And I’ll be posting what I’ll be watching this season too!

Best show: Rideback

Now, first of all, I should come out and say it, Rideback was not a particularly great show, esp in terms of story. Plus, the mecha were, as a friend so eloquently put, are just  suped up Segways!!!!
The story had similar problems to Bounen no Xam’d. It was a story which was heavily dependent on understanding not only the characters but the world they live in and the political landscape. This part was stripped out at first and gradually introduced but in the end, they weren’t able to explain enough in the 13 ep limit which left the show feeling rather hollow. It’s not as bad as Xam’d but things like how much power the GGP actually had over the local government, how they were so easily able to hide and suppress uprisings with ridiculouly excessive force and get away with it and what the main goals of the BMA were (do you honestly think such a well equipped force would be doing it solely for 1 guys thrist for revenge?)

Other things were also just thrown on the sidelines, like Kenji, Rins brother. I’ve read the 1st volume of the manga and I found that the manga tried to feed you too much info at once. With the anime, they feed you too little.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show considerably. Only Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo was as entertaining (if not more so) but it’s only half way complete and there’s plenty of time for it to fumble…

Runners up: Sora Kake Girl, Chrome shelled Regios

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