Late news, but in any case…


Gunota has confirmed that the next Master grade kit after the release of destiny will be Gundam Unicorn, a main mecha from a novel which is currently being serialised in gundam Ace magazine.

From what we have been told, the unicorn will be able to switch from it’s normal mode to the more traditional looking “destroy mode.”From the pic above, my guess is that the transformation will be done with replacing parts as opposed to sliding them to open the mecha up.


For those who have not seen the unicorn, here’s the promo which was shown at chara hobby 07. It has a brief showing of an animated unicorn at the end when it transforms into it’s destroy mode.



I will probably get one out of curiosity, but I am left to question why Bandai have chosen to release a master grade kit of a unit which is still very new and not as widely recognized as others in the franchise which have yet to receive the MG treatment and probably isn’t yet as popular.


Or in other words, “Where’s my MG V2 Assault buster gundam, DAMMIT!!!!”