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The weekend saw The hobby complex event being held. Sort of a smaller version of Wonderfestival, this years event held a bit more significance as many resin kit sellers have gone there due to winter wonderfestival being cancelled, although the summer event is still on.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate and the time of the year, I don’t think I’ll be going for any of the figures this time round. Just as well that there are none which scream “must have” to me. There were a few head turners, but nothing I can’t manage without.

Danny Choo has good coverage and provides links to other reports. GA Graphics also has a few very good galleries up.

Out of the the figures I’ve seen, the only interesting ones are :

Sheryl Nome and

Saber Lily.

Both very nice but not screaming “must get” for myself. Perhaps that will change, but for now I’ll pass.

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I actually completely forgot about the competition, which ended on Tuesday, despite actually having my own entry so this post is a little late.

After entering my Shirley into the contest I stopped paying attention although when the entries were being uploaded, I purposely chose not to view them, just in case I started getting an inferiority complex from looking at the really well painted entries, and there were quite a few!!

But now the votes have been tallied and the top 3 have been chosen. So who was the winner?


Uesugi Kenshin from Eroge Sengoku Rance, The character to finally displace Saber as the most popular eroge heroine (although that may have changed by now).
This entry was from a Hong Kong member who goes under the name blackdog and, although I don’t really rate the base model (as it’s a bit too much on the ero side for my tastes), I think he’s a worthy winner.

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So I went to the Eurogamer Expo held at the old brewery in London as part of a small group of friends and had a go on a fair few games which are due for release soon. In some ways, it was similar to the live event I went to a while back, except it didn’t suck!

But I thought I would share my thoughts about the games I played while I was there. While not a complete list, I did manage to play a fair amount…

Read on for my opinion on Mirrors Edge, Resistance 2, Gears of War 2 and others.

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Well, the summer wonderfestival has come and gone and I’m having a hard time summing up how I feel about the various figures and kits I have seen on various blogs.

But I guess the closest would be “What a letdown!”

PVC figures aside, the show of resin kits was really poor this year, with a lot of them being second showings from previous events like WFH Final. There were a few originals out there but nothing headline worthy and mostly forgettable. Previous events were when we were shown Bubba Haruhi, Cerberus project Ignis and a massive Code Geass overload but this year, there is nothing.

And I was really hoping for some gundam 00 kits of the ladies (unlikely since they are owned by bandai and Code Geass was the only show they gave limited licenses for to sell figures at events like these) and some Sheryl Nome, Fubuki (from Kamen no Maid Guy) and Golden Darkness (to-Love-ru) kits too.

PVC collectors were well catered for with many Event only figures, a good sneak peek at future releases and some announcements on new Figmas and the like.

Perhaps this is a sign of the times. with PVC kits getting closer to their resin counterparts, maybe the creators are not willing to take the time to really wow us with figures anymore and would rather work directly for the big companies to mass produce their wares. That would pretty much be the end of the resin Kit scene if that ever happened and I guess that will be when I hang up my blogging for good.

For now, maybe I’ll see if I can snag a liquidstone Nanoha and/or the 83℃ Resin Kit to compliment my 2 Fate figures, or I could just miss the whole thing all together…

Hopefully, I’m just going paranoid but I can’t help but worry about the state of the resin kit community after such a poor showing from what is usually their biggest event!

In terms of what caught my eye, even if just for a bit…

Vispo, as expected, showed off his Race Queen Rei which I won’t be getting due to the (as usual) Massively prohibitive costs and (once again) the face not looking right, Just like his Yoko.

As for the rest…

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So yesterday, I went along with a friend to the London Expo which was being held at the Excel Center in the docklands. I tend to avoid events like that as I don’t really have that much interest in the special events held and such but I thought I’d go to 1 for the experience and see what they had to offer.

Looks like I didn’t miss much…

The event itself was pretty much for cosplayers who massed outside the event, and I really dislike cosplay. So I hope that people who read this blog don’t get too offended when I start rolling off the bad ones. Kudos for those who enjoy doing it and even greater kudos to those who pull it off well, but the ratio of good-to-bad was not pretty…

There were some really good points tho. For a start, the cosplay of Hard Gay wins everything, without even trying. Like Chuck Norris.

There were some good Code Geass cosplays too. Cornelia and Guilford were the best, but the group also had their shares of not-so-good.

And we have a shout-out to orbital comics!! Rock on guys!! Believe in us who believe in you!!! Rock Haruhi also says Hi.

but what about the expo itself?

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Winter Wonderfestival is now done and dusted with many blogs giving us teases as to what we are missing.

Personally, I have found from the past 2 years I have been following the event, that the winter wonfest is generally more geared towards the corporate side of things so there is more focus on PVC figures and the strength of Garage kits tends to be weaker than that shown in the summer, and this year is no different.

The Garage Kit side of things was dominated by Hatsune Miku (vocaloid) and Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) but there were a few others which caught my eye.

but none really had a “must buy factor” so my spending (thankfully) will be a little subdued this time round, if I purchase anything at all. Out of the kits I have seen so far, I think the most impressive ones have been the 3 below.

Of course, Vispo’s rendition of Yoko 21 years old is in the list. One of the much better looking figures of Yoko in the show, but I can’t help but feel that the face is off. Vispo tends to do very distinct face types and, while it works on Asuka and Rei, it doesn’t work that well on Yoko. Chin definitely needs to be less pointy. Being a vispo kit, she’s also very expensive, with figures going for 40~50k! Will probably give this one a miss.

Next we have San-chan from Seto No Hanayome (damn funny show. Watch if you haven’t!). This shows her in full dance getup from her idol duel with Luna Edomae. A pretty solid kit which looks like it would be fun to build. On the fence for this one.

And bringing up the rear, we have Fate T Harlaown (no I don’t know why they stuck with the spelling which was made up by a 5 year old either).

I was hoping for a kit of Fate in her Riot Zanber form and there were a few available. Pose is pretty decent but not sure about the face. There’s always the possibility of a better version in the summer as well… Out of the above 3, I’d say Fate has the best chance of being bought, if I’m quick enough since I’ve only seen one on Y!JA.

For more pics and info, Danny choo and Heisei Democracy are covering the event. Danny also has a news post which links to other Japanese blogs with more pics.

I would recommend

HK DMZ First

GF Dan



for coverage.

And after the jump, We have the other kits which made me go “hmm”

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Winter WonFest is next week and Heisei Democracy has posted up some of the early pickings which will be up for grabs at the event!! a few interesting kits including the Vispo Yoko which I posted about a while back!

Gone off the completed version a little. More pics can be found here. Is it just me, or does her face look a little funny? And there’s more than a hint of :3 in there too!!

Vispo will also be selling the version 2 of his Asuka and bike kit, but I think the first one is superior.

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Seems that the revoltech line has gotten big enough to have a small event dedicated to itself!

I’ve been reading up on some of the reports on akiba hobby and I have to admit I was underwhelmed. Fraulein idolm@ster line and even a revoltech Gurren Lagann didn’t really appeal to me and the whole event seemed rather dull until I saw this:

Do mine eyes deceive me? Or is that a revoltech of the Laevatein?? If that is the case, Definitely DO WANT!! although a regular figure of some sort would do nicely as well.

Spoiler: for those not in the know, the ARX-8 Laevatein is the replacement/upgrade unit for the ARX-7 Arbalest in full metal panic. i.e. Sousukes new unit!! I won’t spoil the plot of the books, but it appears after the events in Owari day by day as animated in FMP: the second raid and it’s rather powerful, being able to take out several Codarls and Behemoths single handedly and in a matter of minutes…

(Edit: in case people are curious, a colour pic of the laevatein can be seen here)

The internet is now abuzz with the aftermath of wonderfestival, which occurred on Sunday. Various blogs and sites have now started releasing photos of the kits which were available at the event and I have to say, it’s a pretty strong showing this year. If WonFest Summer 06 could be considered the Year of Haruhi (it was when bubba’s bunny kit was first shown afterall…) then this year will probably be remembered as the year of Code Geass! A lot of high quality (and not so high quality) figures for that series and, arguably, the ones most people would like to get their hands on.

The only disappointing part was that, unlike last year, there was no 1 “must have” kit! There were quite a few good ones but none which made me drop everything and put all my efforts into obtaining one, which could actually be considered a good thing… However, this one came close…

This is a kit by Cerberus Project and was unveiled on the groups blog just prior to the event. Unfortunately, trying to track one down has proven very difficult. Add to that, the demand for the kit and is shows that this one will be very difficult to get. Not that it’s going to stop me from trying though… If anyone knows where I can find one, please share!!

I’ve posted up some pics of the kits which grabbed my attention but you may want to check out dannychoo and Heisei Democracy for more galleries. Currently, I have 3 figures on my watch list and 1 actually bought! These should keep me busy for a while!! Pics after the jump!

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The summer wonderfestival is this weekend so I’m sure all the big blogs are gearing up and charging their cameras for coverage of the event.

There has been a fair bit of talk leading up to the event too, with manufacturers showing what they will have to offer at the event. None of which really grabbed me, as I am far more interested in the Resin kits.

Heisei Democracy have a fair few posts on what will be up for show but I have to admit that not many kits which have been announced even hit my radar, although the ignis resin kit from Jingai Makyou by Cerberus project (which can be seen here) looks very tempting. I probably couldn’t do it justice either, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give it a try.

I was looking forward to the C.C kit at Wonfest but after looking at the prototype more closely, I may give it a miss. We’ll have to see how the other code Geass kits shape up. The Shirley Kit by RyunRyunTei looks quite nice, if a little plain.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for pics before hitting Yahoo Japan! Auctions. There are a few other kits which may pique my interest. Better contact my agent too, since she usually takes several days to reply…

Are there any items which other people are looking out for/ want for themselves? Aside from the now infamous Ignis the red…



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